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Thursday 22nd February 2024

Ultra Fast Keto Boost helps you lose more weight faster on your keto diet. It helps you body burn fat and retain muscle, and it helps you stay alert and feel great with no keto haze.

I’m in kind of a unique position for reviewing weight loss supplements.

You see, 20 years ago, I formulated weight loss supplements. I helped to formulate and promote supplements that really worked and that you could buy at every pharmacy and at every big box store.

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When I was a formulator, I realized I needed to act the part. I have always been inclined to be pudgy, but I worked out four times a week. I biked 50 miles a week. Working at a supplements company in Los Angeles and spending weekends on my farm in near Austin, Texas, I had a half-acre garden and an acre of lawn to mow, not to mention 2 miles of fences to keep up.

Then I got out of the supplements game and got hit with one unexpected — and, I thought, unfair — health issue after another. I quit exercising and became seriously overweight.

About a year ago I decided it was time to do something about it.

I had been keeping up with developing in weight loss science and weight loss supplements, and, frankly, what I found was better than what we knew about in 1998. Intermittent fasting and keto diets are wonderful ways to lose weight.

There’s a reason I mention them together that I will explain in a moment.

I got to the point I needed 50 pounds and I started my turn-around with intermittent fasting. I at least stopped gaining weight. But I didn’t lose the weight until I did keto.

It turns out intermittent fasting and keto do some of the same things, but intermittent fasting needs a boost from keto. And since science is still my thing, I can tell you how that works.

Keto dieting finishes what intermittent fasting starts.

Lots of people promote lots of variations of intermittent fasting. And people who do intermittent fasting, including me, tend practically to get out a stopwatch to get that break-the-fast meal at the first second the diet permits it.

But that’s not the attitude that works when you are doing intermittent fasting. What you need to do is to internalize this one basic rule:

Stop eating!

Most of us have the willpower not to eat for 12 hours. We can probably stretch that out to 18 hours, when the cell-level changes like autophagy (recycling of damaged proteins) starts. Those of us with stronger wills can do 24 hours or fasting every other day.

And just about everybody can lose some weight with intermittent fasting. The problem is, we gain it back when we stop our intermittent fasting routine.

I could give you a well-documented lesson on how carbohydrate deprivation in your diet leads to glycogen deprivation in your liver, and how glycogen is glucose chemically combined with water, and when you burn the glucose your liver makes from its store of glycogen you lose water weight. That’s the weight you lose from intermittent fasting right away.

And you gain back most of that weight right away.

But what no other article for laypeople on this subject I have ever seen tells you is this: One of the changes that takes place in your body after you have been fasting for just 12 hours is your body starts making ketone bodies for your muscles to burn as fuel.

You start getting the benefits of a keto diet after about 12 hours of intermittent fasting.

Your body gets the message that it’s OK to start burning fat now.

But if you break your fast with a heavy load of carbs your body belays that order to start using sugar as fuel and the benefits of keto you were about to get mostly go away. Your body goes back to sugar-burning mode.

Most people go through this every day. Most people undo many of the benefits of sleep for weight control by what they eat for breakfast.

Breaking your fast determines whether your body will burn on ketones or sugar.

Most of us who pay attention to what we eat actually do intermittent fasting every night. If we don’t eat snacks after dinner, and we don’t raid the refrigerator in the middle of the night, chances are we go at least 12 hours without eating. That’s long enough for the liver to begin to go into ketogenesis.

If you break your fast with a quick trip to the doughnut shop, you aren’t going to stay in ketogenic mode very long. But if you at least eat a keto-friendly breakfast, you at least can build on what your body was trying to do to make you fitter and thinner while you slept.

So why don’t we all do that?

Ketone production after fasting overnight really isn’t enough to make you feel energized for a new day. But giving ketone production a boost with ketones you take as a supplement helps you feel good while you eat right.

How do we know that works?

Does Ultra Fast Keto Boost really work?

I’ve been impressed with the anecdotal evidence for Ultra Fast Keto Boost, but what about the scientific evidence that Ultra Fast Keto Boost really works? I wondered if there is any scientific evidence that beta-hydroxybutyrate supplements accelerate weight loss and fat loss. It turns out there’s a lot.

Ingredients-ultrafast keto boost BHB

I found 95 scientific papers on PubMed on beta-hydroxybutyrate supplementation. A lot of these journal articles are focused on the role of beta-hydroxybutyrate in treating the diseases of aging once they have already occurred.

These studies place hydroxybutyrates at the same level of importance as vitamin D, herbal preparations that conserve testosterone in both men and women, and a class of well-studied, inexpensive blood pressure medications known as ACE-inhibitors.

But how does beta-hydroxybutyrate help weight loss when you are on a keto diet?

I found the scientific literature on how beta-hydroxybutyrate works to be surprisingly straightforward. It won’t be a surprise to anyone reading this that when you aren’t eating a carbs, you body isn’t turning them into sugar. And when your blood sugar levels fall, you feel tired unless your body can create a different source of energy and transport it to the organs that need it.

Your keto diet puts your body in keto mode. That gets the production of ketone bodies going to carry energy from fat cells all over the body to replace energy from sugar.

Ketone bodies come in three main forms, acetone, the keto body that can make your breath smell like nail polish, acetoacetate, which can give your breath a sweet and fruity smell, and beta-hydroxybutyrate, which is kind of the mother chemical for the other two ketones.

Hydroxybutyrate is the ketone that can travel the farthest in your body. Your body sends hydroxybutyrate to tissues that need them on the periphery of your body. That’s your arms, your legs, your facial muscles, your eyes, your sensory organs.

Keto dieting triggers the production of hydroxybutyrate in your liver. Your liver makes beta-hydroxybutyrate when you skip carbohydrates for as little as 12 to 16 hours, but it usually doesn’t make enough for you to feel energetic and alive. You can feel dumpy and depressed when you start your keto diet. Sometimes the lack of energy is so bad that keto dieters give up before they get started.

That’s where Ultra Fast Keto Boost comes in. It boosts the positive changes your body is already making in response to your keto diet by getting ketone bodies to tissues that need them faster. But that isn’t all beta-hydroxybutyrate does for your body.

Ultra Fast Keto Boost helps your body stay in balance.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate isn’t just a source of energy for your body. It isn’t just the mother molecule of the acetone and acetaldehyde that will show up when you test with your keto sticks. Beta-hydroxybutyrate is also a signaling molecule.

What does that mean?

The presence of beta-hydroxbutyrate in your bloodstream sends a signal to fat cells to keep on breaking down fat so the result of your body can keep on using it for fuel.

Your body has a mechanism that keeps fat cells from becoming depleted. Chemical messengers from fat burning processes latch on to cell receptor sites for a molecule called[R1]  HCAR2 on fat cells. Beta-hydroxybutyrate parks at these receptors so other messenger molecules can’t tell your body fat to stop breaking down fat.

More Benefits of Beta-hydroxybutyrate (Core ingredient in Ultra Fast Keto Boost)

This blocking action at HCAR2 receptors also helps keep your blood sugar levels higher so you feel more energized — without consuming carbs. And it acts in the brain to block stimulation by glutamine that you might experience when you consume sugar-free foods on your fast.

This helps to keep you calm, collected, and focused while you are doing keto. It stops the dreaded keto haze.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate also sends a message directly to the nerves in your lungs and muscles. It’s natural for you to breathe more shallowly and generally to turn into a couch potato when you are fasting, and when you are restricting carbs. Beta-hydroxybutyrate binds to FFAR3 receptors in your sympathetic nervous system, the part of your nervous system that regulates “fight or flight” responses.

It doesn’t re you up, but it keeps you from slipping into easy inactivity. It helps to keep you active as long as you keep yourself in a stimulating environment. Your nervous system will stay in tune to the environment you choose of yourself rather than letting you drift off into a haze.

Keeps Building Proteins

Finally, beta-hydroxybutyrate sends a signal to your muscles to keep building proteins rather than breaking them down.

We all know that one of the big problems with dieting is losing both fat and muscle, and sometimes more muscle than fat. Beta-hydroxybutyrate helps your body burn the fat while keeping the muscle. I’m a chemist and I find the chemistry kind of complicated, but it works something like this:

When your cells burn sugar, they produce pyruvate, which uses a lot of oxygen and makes a lot of free radicals.

When your cells burn beta-hydroxybutyrate (or products they break down from beta-hydroxybutyrate, to be precise), they use less oxygen and make fewer free radicals.

With these particular free radicals, the fewer the free radicals, the greater the protein production, the more your muscles keep their mass.

You also need to stay hydrated during this process, but beta-hydroxybutyrate supplements go a long way toward making sure that you don’t lose muscle while you burn fat.

Can you believe all the positive reviews of Ultra Fast Keto Boost on Amazon?

I found a lot of Ultra Fast Keto Boosts on Amazon that read something like this:

  • I feel great since I started Ultra Fast Keto Boost.
  • Increased energy.
  • I don’t have any cravings.
  • I can eat normal portions without wanting more.
  • And I got back into ketosis fast. I have never seen darker keto sticks” (meaning the writer was further into ketosis than ever before).

Nobody is saying that Ultra Fast Keto Boost works without your sticking to a keto diet. Nobody is claiming fantastically fast weight loss, although there are reports of losing up to 8 pounds or a little less than 4 kilos a week. What I see the Amazon reviewers saying isn’t that Ultra Fast Keto Boost causes magical super-amazing unbelievable weight loss. It’s just dozens of users confirming that Ultra Fast Keto Boost works reliably well and reliably fast when used with a keto diet.

What goes wrong when people don’t get good results?

I only found two one-star reviews of Ultra-Fast Keto Boost on Amazon. One was a single sentence in Spanish that it didn’t work for the buyer, and the other was a comment that it caused a stomachache. Is that possible?

It is, but the facts have to be taken in context. When people develop tummy trouble after taking a supplement, chances are that they would have the same problem with any supplement. That’s because supplement companies add magnesium stearate to their formulas to keep their products from sticking together in their machines.

Magnesium is both an essential nutrient and the laxative element in Milk of Magnesia. Stearate is found in cold-pressed coconut oil, chicken, eggs, chocolate, walnuts, and many other foods.

Together they not only assist in the manufacturing of Ultra Fast Keto Boost, they also slow down the digestion of the product so it releases butyrates in the bowel where they are most completely absorbed.

But if you have short bowel or some other bowel abnormality, neither Ultra Fast Keto Boost nor any other supplement tablet is likely to work for you. Also, a clinical study has shown that taking beta-hydroxybutyrate and consuming lots of dairy products invites digestive upset.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultra Fast Keto Boost

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is Ultra Fast Keto Boost a scam?

A. Depends on how you define scam. The ingredients in Ultra Fast Keto Boost do checkout. Mainly that around Beta-hydroxybutyrate which I have discussed the benefits above. Most negative reviews stem from people saying Ultra Fast is a scam that was popularized by Shark tank. However, Ultra-Fast Keto Boost is purely meant to get you into a state of ketosis quicker.

Its’ definitely not a magic pill, and you should never depend on a supplement.

Q. How long did it take you to lose those 50 pounds doing keto?

A. About three months. I didn’t really work at it. And even though I’m an expert, I don’t always do everything right. I should have taken Ultra Fast Keto Boost every morning with breakfast.

Q. So you’re saying that breakfast is the best time for taking Ultra Fast Keto Boost?

A. Yes. You can add to the benefits of your “fast” overnight.

Q. What do  you think about this YouTube video that claims there is a ultra fast keto boost reviews scam? And other ultrafast keto boost negative reviews?

A. You don’t see any photos of celebrities here, do you? And I am linking to reputable scientific journals and making a very careful claim: If you do the hard work of sticking to your keto diet, Ultra Fast Keto Booster will help you get better results faster. The before and after photos that really count are the before and after photos of you.

Q. Do I have to take Ultra Fast Keto Booster to lose weight on a keto diet?

A. Of course not. But it will help you stick to your diet and feel better so you lose more weight and you lose it faster.

Q. Could you break down everything you have told us about Ultra Fast Keto Booster into pros and cons?

A. Sure! Here you go:

Ultra Fast Keto Booster cons:

  • Ultra Fast Keto Booster isn’t magical. You still need to diet and exercise.
  • If your keto diet is heavy on whipped cream, hard cheese, and butter and you take Ultra Fast Keto Booster, you may experience some digestive upset. That’s mostly because all the dairy fat slows down the digestive of Ultra Fast Keto Booster so it doesn’t break up in the small intestine, where it is maximally effective.

Ultra Fast Keto Booster pros:

  • A clinical trial has shown that the active ingredient in Ultra Fast Keto Booster increases fat burning after exercise.
  • Another clinical trial has shown that beta-hydroxybutyrate helps cut through the brain fog that accompanies reduced-calorie dieting.
  • Scientists have shown that hydroxybutyrate helps to compensate for the times you slip off your keto diet. You will always get the best results by sticking to your diet plan, but Ultra Fast Keto Boost will help you avoid losing the benefits of keto dieting if you occasionally don’t.
  • The everyday price of Ultra Fast Keto Boost is lower than the price of competing products on sale.
  • For every more fat loss power, try Ultra Fast Keto Boost with MCTs, also known as medium-chain triglycerides. When you consume medium-chain triglycerides, they flow through your bloodstream directly to your liver, which sends them out through your bloodstream to burned as fuel rather than stored as fat.
  • This tiny addition to your supplement regimen can make a difference. A clinical study shows us, MCT’s can help you lose about one more pound a month in addition to all your other weight loss efforts. That may not sound like a lot, but a pound a month becomes a lot of pounds lost after you have stuck with your keto diet for a year or more.

If you are going to do keto, give yourself a boost. Take Ultra Fast Keto Boost to feel great while you lose pounds faster.

Ultra Fast Keto Boost

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