FitFather Project 30x Review – Is It Any Good?

Thursday 9th May 2024

What Is It?

Fit Father Project Is A fitness program specifically designed for fathers. The program was designed by Dr. Anthony Balduzzi.

The program is geared towards helping you lose weight and gain some muscle in the process. It includes a meal plan, workout plan, some added bonuses, and much more.

Let’s go deep into what the program offers. Hopefully, my FF30x review will help you decide if this program is right for you. 

Who is Dr. Anthony Balduzzi? – Is He legit?

Dr. Balduzzi aka Dr. A or “Mr results”, is the creator of Fit Father Project. He’s a doctor, medical school graduate, and family man. It’s interesting to point out he’s done professional bodybuilding too.

Dr. Balduzzi is a doctor in naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic medicine involves using natural medicine and practices to help heal the body. It takes on a holistic and traditional approach and is backed by scientific studies.

So Dr. A is legit and the real deal. I also found him hovering around with his bios on some other websites too. So don’t feel you’re getting catfished. He’s not a fake persona.

Program Features

  • Meal plan
  • Workout
  • Facebook Group
  • Bonuses

Meal Plan 

  • Choose MTS (Meal plan timing schedule)
  • Pick and choose recipes to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Dinner will involve customizing a plate using meal prep guide, or choosing from a set of recipes
  • Drink a smoothie protein from a nice choice of smoothie recipes

Flexible Schedules 

The Fitfather meal plan is very flexible. It caters to different types of fathers on different work schedules. So you’re bound to find the right schedule for you.

Too many times I’ve seen meal plans that are rigid. Kinda like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Fit father project is the opposite. The program offers 4 core meal plans that you can try, depending on your work schedule.

Meal Plan 1 

Meal Plan1 Preview. Fit father project 30x

Meal plan 1 is for on the go fathers. I believe this is where most fall into. Those who rise early and come back later during the day. Essentially, those on the 9 to 5 schedule.

It’s simple to follow and specifically designed to be quick and easy. If you’re working a job for most of the day who wants to be busy cooking meals? I know I don’t.

Meal Plan 2

Meal Plan 2 is for Freelancers,  and home fathers. Those who are at home for most of the day. Balduzzi likes to phrase this as the intermittent fasting plan.

This is mainly because your breakfast will be eaten later in the morning.

This is beneficial as you are essentially doing a mini fast. The morning time is where your metabolism will be in full swing. So by not eating food, your body can continue optimizing turning fat to energy.

Meal Plan 3

This meal plan is for flexible fathers. This timing schedule is for those that don’t have a set schedule but are more on the go. Balduzzi calls this the “mix and match” schedule. It involves taking a combination of meal plan 1 and 2. Your free to take the meals either much later in the day.

Meal Plan 4

For the nightcrawlers. Those who work night shifts. So hospital workers, police, third shift workers.

It’s not natural to work night shifts, given the body loses out on the benefit of natural light and melatonin. Some great tips are given regarding mitigating some of the risks associated with late-night work.

I was really impressed with his Shift work mealtime schedule and setup.

Although I’m not a night worker, there really is some useful advice here. Lots of the information like risks associated with night work I didn’t know about before. For example, third shifts can heighten some risks like heart disease, higher stressors and certain cancers.

He doesn’t sugarcoat anything which I respected. However, he does provide a great mealtime schedule and workout advice. This can all reduce the risks of night shift work.

How I Found The Meal Plan

I was on meal plan 1. My work schedule sometimes involves me waking up really early, to do work and then have breakfast. Normally I have breakfast at 7 am. However, on this plan I had breakfast at 8. I had no problem with the change. It wasn’t always 8am dead on, but I managed to have a meal.

I won’t reveal all the Fitfather project secrets. However, I did pick up some useful tips.

One being drinking more water in the morning and throughout the day.

I always knew water was important but I didn’t know how important.

It was a gem of a find and one thing is for sure..I’m now drinking more water.

The recipes and meals are fantastic too. They also have vegetarian options.

Protein shakes, high protein recipes, on the go lunches, tasty snacks, and eat out menu are all included in the plan. You shouldn’t find yourself getting bored of recipes.

Of course, for some, I added my own twist.

Things that Stand Out To Me

The meal plan comes in one 107 page pdf download. One thing I know about meal plans is that they can get complicated. However, FFP is dead simple to follow and perfect for a simpleton like myself.

What  I love is Balduzzi builds all of your success around being consistent and having routines.

There is no meticulous deal when it comes to counting the number of grams each meal has too. I’m not a bodybuilder. I really hate counting and measuring things too. Weight loss doesn’t have to be like that.

The meals are simple and all you have to do is follow the recipes.

What I found smart…

There is this section called the perfect plate. It’s a great idea as allows you to get necessary macros like fat, protein, and fats without having to follow a stringent recipe.

I’ve been keeping it simple and following this over anything else since it’s so flexible.

 It’s mainly about what you eat

Balduzzi mentions this in the beginning. Your main goal is all about what you eat. I never knew nutrition played this much of an important role. I thought it was all about working out.

But it’s actually easier and more beneficial to change your diet than your workout.

For example, he mentions that to burn 500 calories, you can do 1 hour of jogging.

However, 1 large fry from McDonald’s contains 510 calories.

This blew my mind really. It really emphasizes that nutrition is the most important thing when it comes to losing weight.

Once again there is a perfect match of practical knowledge and theory. It’s really important you understand the theory of food and nutrition. As it will allow you to have an everlasting skill.

Most people think they understand food and nutrition but they really don’t. I guess I fell into that category. So it’s always nice to know why you’re doing something rather than just doing it. Balduzzi provided the right balance by not making things too technical and keeping it dead simple.

On the Go Healthiest Fast Food Grub!

I love how you can buy fast food grub on the go. Sometimes you may not feel like cooking up a meal. Don’t worry, Fit father offers healthy fast food orders at local chains.

Initially, I didn’t think much of this, but it’s proven very useful. There are relatively healthy meals out there in your common fast food restaurants if you pick the right meals. For example, you can go to Subway and buy a sandwich with lean meats, and veggies.

Summary of Meal plan

  • Meal plan to match time schedule you are on
  • Simple tips and techniques to incorporate into your meal plan
  • Great and easy to prepare set recipes and mix and match recipes
  • On the Go Healthiest meals to buy or make.


FitFather Project workout program

Remember, the first part is getting the right nutrition. So workouts are just an added bonus to add gasoline to the fire.

The workout section of fit father project is just as good as the meal plan. What you get for the workouts is either a home workout option. If you don’t want to go to the gym.

The second option is a gym workout plan.

I normally don’t like working out. But the workout plan really does provide a great structure to lose those pounds. I found myself getting into the rhythm of it.

Home workout 

The home workout Focuses on the APEX 10 workout. It’s considered by Jake as the most “time-efficient workout, to really speed up your metabolism.”

I’m not going to reveal the actual workout, that’ll be unfair to Anthony Balduzzi. But the APEX10 workout focuses just on dumbbells and kettlebells. So to be clear it doesn’t require a gym membership.

The Apex10 is essentially a bunch of weight and strength workouts in a circuit, that is designed to put your metabolism in overdrive.

Gym workouts

The gym workouts consist of doing Apex10 with BIg 5 strength training exercises.

Apex10 – This is the main workout you will be doing on his schedule.

However, I also enjoyed the big 5 exercises. Balduzzi has videos of all the main exercises you will be doing.

He mentions techniques and pointers on use of proper form.

The big 5 exercises are easy to follow. Likewise, if there is an exercise you don’t like, there are alternative exercises to use. For example, if you have back, shoulder or knee problems, etc..

I do have a gym membership and have used the gym in the past.

They can get busy, so sometimes I did find myself skipping an exercise or two. For example, with the squat rack. It gets busy. But I tried to incorporate the homebody workouts instead which is very useful.

How I Found APEX 10

As stated earlier APEX10 is one of the main workouts of FFP. I personally loved this workout. I also didn’t know such a workout existed. It’s a smart way to burn calories.

And believe me when I say. It definitely is harder than it looks.

I also found myself easily meeting my nutritional needs. All foods My partner can buy from the local groceries.

Summary of workout features:

  • Workouts are progressive. Meaning start easy, finish strong. Build up to more reps
  • Gym and Home workouts.
  • Main Workout of APEX10
  • If you have issues with back, knees, or shoulders Anthony offers great substitute exercises.

Facebook Group 

FFX30 also comes with the option to join a personal Facebook group for paid members only. Just to be clear Anthony Balduzzi is not on there. But the training staff will help give advice. Other members are also quite helpful.

It is a good idea to have a support/motivation tribe to keep you going through ff30x. I don’t use the Facebook group much. However, it’s still a nice thing to access in the program.


  • List of supplements to take
  • Self-improvement unbreakable habits guide
  • Eating healthily while on the go guide.
  • Tracking Journal
  • Guide to having alcohol while still remaining lean.

Fit Father project also comes with added bonuses. For example, these include

A list of supplements to take.

Initially, I was a bit skeptical about supplements. I have this image of a quick fix or magic pill comes to mind every time I hear the word.

but the supplements are well researched and Anthony gives reasons why he chose them. Given his background in medical research, I would say he’s well qualified to recommend what supplements to take and what to avoid.

The list also includes some top natural testosterone supplements These are all-natural supplements.

My Journey

I loved the program. 30 days go by pretty quickly. In the beginning, it was a little bit tough getting used to having another routine. However, I was in a rhythm in no time.

I followed the meal plan schedule 1, since I work 9-5. As stated above, It was easy to follow.

A lot of the time I ended up having the perfect plate. This allowed me to remain flexible and not specifically hunt for recipes.

However, the recipes were also great. Plenty of great new ideas I had not thought about.

Breakfast was simple. Multiple times I had some overnight oats or a protein shake.

When I got bored of that, I switch to their tortilla and omelet recipes. I’m not a vegan but I also experimented with his tofu breakfast recipe. It was tasty!

I also found myself doing a combination of home and gym workouts.

Gyms can get busy, and as you’ll find sometimes, life gets in the way, and an alternative solution has to be done.

I have a pair of dumbbells at home so did the home workouts a couple of times.

So I was really grateful for the cool body workouts to do.

My advice to people out there is simply to stick with it. Consistency is key.

Overall, by the end of 30 days, I felt great. And My kids had noticed I looked slimmer! In total, I had lost 8 pounds!


  • Very flexible for a busy working parent
  • No Restrictive Diets
  • A comprehensive meal plan that is simple to follow
  • Vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Printable meal plans and recipes
  • If you don’t have dumbbells or kettlebells, they have the option of bodyweight workouts or resistance band workouts
  • Alternative workouts for people with issues with knees, back, shoulders.
  • FFP does not promote a starvation diet. You are allowed to have afternoon snacks


  • It is expensive. There is no denying that $97 is quite a bit of dough. However, they do have a free trial of 7 dollars which you can find here.

Who Is This Program For?

  • Fathers with different work schedules
  • Fathers who are tired of
  • Men who need guidance on losing weight and getting in shape.


What if I don’t have dumbbells at home? 

FFP offers bodyweight exercises and resistance band exercises that anyone can have access to.

How much does fit father project cost?

FFP30x costs 97 dollars for the full program. However, you can do a 7 dollar trial.

Fit Father Project $7 Trial


Does the fit father project work?

Yes, absolutely. If you follow the plan you will see results. However, this does depend on your application. FFP takes out all the guesswork. It’s up to you to execute on that.

My Opinion – Does it really work?


My independent review of FF30x has hopefully given you some insight into the program.

There are plenty of nuggets of gold in this program. I would say this program is worth it. FFp30x really does cover all areas.

It’s not overly complicated.

The advice is simple, practical, and perfect for busy fathers. I did find APEX 10 and progressive workouts a total new thing.

I have incorporated them into my workouts and love it.

Even if you learn one new thing, you are one bit smarter than when you were yesterday.

I love the simplicity. No gimmicks.

Ratings: My rating score out of 5 for the following:

Ease-of-Use 5/5
Features 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Value for Money 4/5


Fit Father Project $7 Trial


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