How To Chug Water Super Fast – All You Need To Know

Wednesday 27th March 2024

There are numerous reasons to want to learn how to chug water super fast. From not having a ton of time to drink water to simply wanting to impress or friends, it can cool to the be fastest to drink water among a crowd.

It is important to note that drinking too much water too quickly can be dangerous. However, if you learn how to chug water correctly, the risks are minimal. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this subject, so you to be the water chugging champion of the world!

Materials Needed

We need a few materials in order to learn how to chug water fast. They’ve been conveniently outlined below for you.

  • Water of choice (tap, bottled, filtered, etc)
  • Wide-brimmed cup/glass OR bottle of water
  • A friend (or two)

It is important to have a friend around when you decide you want to be the fastest to drink water. While learning this fun skill, it can very quickly become dangerous if your body cannot keep up with the amount of water you are trying to chug.

A friend (or two) will be able to help you if you start choking while trying to chug. Only when you are the chugging champion of the world should you ever attempt this alone.

Step 1: Set The Water Temperature

We all like to drink out water at different temperatures. Some of us like water ice cold and others prefer room temperature. When you are learning how to chug water super fast, it is best to start with room temperature water.

Since the water is closer to your internal body temperature, it will be easier to swallow large volumes at once.

Water that is too hot or too cold will be harder to chug, but not impossible. Ice cold water can cause your teeth to become sensitive or make your throat too cold to stay open. On the other hand, water that is too hot can cause burns on the inside of your throat. This may cause lasting damage.

When in doubt, leave your water on a table for an hour before learning how to chug water fast. It should be at the perfect temperature after one hour. You should keep your water covered to prevent any dust or pet hair from falling in. It will also enjoy your four legged friends do not decide to drink your water, as well.

Step 2: Pick The Perfect Container

While you can certainly learn to chug water from bottled water, it is best to first start with a wider container. The best containers for chugging water include a red solo cup, mason jar, to go cup from your favorite fast food chain, and any other container that is about the same size as the examples provided.

The wider the container is, the most water that can flow freely into your mouth and down your throat.

A bottle of water typically has a thinner neck, which slows down the rate at which water enters your mouth. This can make it more difficult to drink water quickly. If you only have a bottle of water available, you can crunch the end of the bottle to help push water out at a more rapid rate.

As you continue your journey to be the water chugging champion of the world, you will find that certain containers work better for you than others. The most efficient container for chugging water will be one that is the exact same size as your mouth. Go to local thrift stores and dollar stores to find the container that is best suited for your unique mouth size.

Step 3: Chug Efficiently

This is the most important step as we go through the journey of learning how to chug water super fast. If you chug too much water too quickly, you can easily choke, bloat, or cause water intoxication (a.k.a water poisoning). This is why it is important to have a friend or two around while you are learning this impressive life skill.

While choking and bloating can be typically be resolved in just a few minutes, water intoxication is more serious. Water poisoning can quickly lead to confusion and vomiting.

In serious cases, the brain can swell, and you can die from the swelling.

When learning how to chug water fast, you should not force water to come out of its container at an incredibly rapid rate. The rate the water is entering your throat should be the same rate at which you swallow. This ensures you are chugging efficiently and safely. Failure to regulate the flow of water to match your chugging speed can lead to water spilling all over your face, going up your nose, or choking you.

Furthermore, you should not attempt to chug multiple cups of water back to back. We understand you want to become the water chugging champion of the world.

You can’t do that if you end up in the hospital for water poisoning. You need to wait 30 minutes to one hour between attempts at chugging water quickly. We don’t suggest you try to chug more than three cups in one day. You have plenty of time to train and learn how to chug efficiently.

What To Do If You Begin Choking

If you do begin to accidentally choke yourself while chugging water quickly, you must remain calm. If you do not remain calm, your muscles will constrict more and may cause you choke yourself harder.

Your friend(s) should immediately let you know that they are there and everything is going to be okay. If you are alone, you need to be able to calm yourself down.

Regardless if you have friends around or you are by yourself, start by spitting out any remaining water in your mouth. Start couching to clear any and ll water from your windpipe.

This may take a few seconds or several minutes, depending on how much water entered the wind pipe. The entire time, you must remain calm as a cucumber.

If you are still coughing after several minutes and you can still feel water in your wind pipe, consider sitting down and leaning forward. By leaning forward, you will help to drain excess water from your throat and wind pipe.

You can even put your head between your knees, if that feels good to you. It is important to try and take long, steady breathes in between the coughing. You need to keep oxygen flowing to your brain. Failure to breathe can lead to you passing out and possibly hitting your head.

The threat of choking is real, which is why we are again mentioning the importance of having a friend (or two) around while you are training your throat for chugging water. In most cases, you should be able to recover from choking while chugging on your own.

However, choking on even a small amount of water can be fatal. Be smart and always have a friend nearby to ensure your safety.

Bonus Tips: How To Open Your Throat To Chug

Now that we have explained the basis of how to chug water super fast, you can easily get started on your training.

However, it’s always nice to have insider tips that allow you to have a competitive edge over your friends.

You will be racing to see who can be the fastest to drink water. We’ve outlined our best tips on how to relax your throat when chugging and how how to open your throat to chug.

  • Keep your head titled at 45 degrees. This will make your throat vertical, which makes it easier to chug water faster.
  • Tilt your head enough so that gravity is the only force moving water from the container to your throat. This keeps your muscles relaxed and prevents you from having to focus on engaging them while chugging.
  • Your head should remain titled until the last drop of water has passed through your throat. Brining your head upright too early can cause your throat muscles to contract and choke you if you still have any water in your throat.
  • Remain calm while chugging water. If you are not relaxed, your throat muscles will tense up and prevent you from be the fastest to chug water.
  • Keep pouring water at a steady rate while your head is tilted and do not swallow. Any swallowing motions will slow down the process.
  • Allow a small gap between your upper lip and the container you are using to chug water. This allows you to breathe while chugging. Failure to leave this gap will require you to move the container in order to breathe, thus slowing your ability to chug water super fast.

Now that you know how to relax your throat when chugging and also keep it open, it is important to remember water should only be chugged while sitting or standing.

If you are laying down or in any horizontal position, you can easily choke yourself.

This is because water can easily slip into your wind pipe rather than going down your throat. You will choke yourself if you attempt to chug water in any position other than sitting or standing.

Be Smart About Chugging Water Quickly

While learning how to chug water super fast is a cool trick to show your friends, it should not be performed too often. As we’ve already mentioned, you can easily give yourself water poisoning or water intoxication if you chug too much water too quickly.

We do not want to see you end up in the hospital with a swollen brain because you trained too hard to become the water chugging champion of the world. Instead, you and your friends should leave plenty of breaks in between learning how to chug.

We don’t advise you trying to chug more than three cups a day.

Even those three cups should be spread apart by 30 to 60 minutes.

Even with taking breaks, you shouldn’t be chugging water every day either.

If you are determined to become the water chugging champion of the world, train every other day to ensure you keep yourself healthy and safe during this activity.

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