Top 15 Carb Pairing Tricks For Weight Loss.

Sunday 28th April 2024

What if you could eat foods that work with each other to help you lose weight? Sounds like a dream, right? However, it’s true. There are some foods that work to enhance the nutritional intake they offer while also helping you to achieve your biggest goal – weight loss. I learned how to create meals that comprehensively encourage weight loss (and the secret is that these are not crazy foods or strange combinations that don’t taste good). Here’s a look at the carb pairing trick you need.

#1: Oatmeal with Berries

This carb pairing meal is a good option for those who can handle a few extra carbs at the start of the day. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries are all a good combination here. When you combine these two foods together, you will have a very heavy, filling meal that will get you right through to a late lunch. The oatmeal itself can help to stave off hunger while the berries, which are full of antioxidants, can go to work for you.

#2: Sausage and Quinoa

This combination works very well for those who want a filling meal, especially at lunch. Sausage is made in various ways and its main benefit here is that it will contain some type of fat in it along with the rich protein you need. Choose those that are lower on the sodium scale to minimize bloating. Quinoa is that grain you’ve been putting off consuming (yes, it looks weird and has a funny mouth feel) but I find it is actually very satisfying when you make a mixture with it, like this one. Here’s the important thing. Quinoa has a lot of health benefits including being protein-rich, containing a solid amount of iron, containing magnesium and lysin, and having a high amount of riboflavin. The bottom line is that it stimulates the metabolism, boosts antioxidants, and helps to keep you full longer.

#3: Coffee with Some Cream and Cinnamon

Here is a good way to start your day (and Starbucks can make this for you if you ask). Simply request a cup of black coffee that’s freshly brewed. You can add some heavy cream into it to get just a small amount of carbs. Then, add cinnamon to it (skip the sugar and additives). Coffee itself is an impressive antioxidant, which means it can help to flush away free radicals from your body’s cells. This also helps to stimulate the natural process of burning belly fat. The cinnamon is also a powerhouse when it comes to stimulating your metabolism. This combination is a bit harsher than your normal pink drink from Starbucks, but it is going to get your metabolism going early in the day, encouraging better weight loss.

#4: Chicken with Cayenne with a Bit of Cream

This is a super simple combination that can work for any weekday meal (you know, when you are rushing out the door). Sprinkle a good amount of cayenne on a grilled piece of chicken. Chicken is excellent for filling you up and providing you with protein. However, the cayenne chicken will help to increase post-meal thermogenesis. That is, it helps to encourage weight loss. When you add the hot pepper to it, it may help target belly fat a bit more. You can add cayenne to anything to get this benefit, and using it consistently can help the most. To get the carb intake you need here, simply add in a white sauce using heavy cream.

#5: Lemon and Tea

This is not the type of tea that has half a pound of sugar in it. Instead, brew a cup of white tea. White tea works as a diuretic, like most types of tea, but it also has the ability to increase lipolysis. That is the natural breakdown process of fat cells in the body. It also stops your body from adding on fat cells in a process known as adipogenesis. The end result here is that your body is burning as much as 30 percent more fat during your workout, according to some studies. The lemon simply amplifies this process with the Vitamin C it contains. What about the carbs here? The lemon juice will have a bit of sweetness, and that’s where your natural sugars and carbs come into play.

#6: Avocado Oil and Spinach Combination

Avocado oil is a powerhouse when it comes to healthy oils for your heart. It contains oleic acid, a healthy fat, and lutein, an antioxidant. It works to enhance the absorption of nutrients by the body and may even give you great looking skin. When you combine this with spinach, one of the best sources of iron and Vitamin K, it is possible to significantly improve nutrient intake. More so, spinach is an excellent tool for reducing oxidative stress on the body. Spinach is also fantastic for keeping you energized, which means you’ll have more ability to burn through stored fat. To get in some carbs for the paring benefits, add this combination to a whole grain pasta dish or, to get fewer, create a creamed spinach instead.

#7: Salsa and Chickpeas

Another carb pairing trick is to link salsa with chickpeas for a good bit of protein and a dose of nutrients. You can add the chickpeas right into the salsa. Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are rich in fiber, iron, and protein. They can help to flush out the cells and your gut. Another nice benefit is that chickpeas are a heavier protein. You will feel fuller longer, which means you are less likely to eat often. They help to delay digestion. An organic salsa, which has tomatoes, onions, and pepper in it, will give you a boost of energy while also helping to stimulate the metabolism. Chickpeas are carb-heavy when it comes to beans, but they are super healthy for you, especially in this mixture.

#8: Almonds and Yogurt

Getting healthy fats into your diet is an important step in any diet. Many of the nutrients important to digestion and overall health are better digested by the body when they are eaten with heart-healthy fat. A full-fat yogurt combined with almonds allows your body to get in a rich source of nutrients. This includes nutrients like Vitamin A, D, and E. The almonds also give you a bit of bulky foods to consume, helping to stave off hunger for longer.

#9: Bell Peppers and Eggs

Another solid combination is combining the nutrients in bell peppers to the protein in eggs. Eggs have a nutrient in it called choline. It works to boost the metabolism. Eggs have a lot of protein to fuel a workout, and they are not bad for you as many people believed a few decades ago. When you combine this with green peppers, which have a significant amount of Vitamin C in them, you end up with a weight-loss stimulant. Vitamin C is specifically helpful for its ability to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone that leads to the accumulation of fat around a person’s midsection. This is also a simplistic combination – just add some chopped peppers to a skillet with eggs. This is an excellent breakfast, metabolism-boosting meal. The peppers have just enough carbs to balance out the fats in the bell peppers.

#10: Tuna and Ginger Sushi

Everyone tells you it’s all about seafood if you want to lose weight. Let’s be honest. Not all of us grew up on the coast of Maine or Washington where access to fresh seafood is at its peak. However, this combination is one that is easy to do anywhere (though fresh tuna is really the best option). For the weight loss benefits, combine tuna with a bit of ginger. Ginger is a powerful tool. It works to settle down your stomach but it is also excellent for emptying your bowels.

It can help you to trim off those bulgy mid-sections if you are planning to spend some time in a tight black dress. In short, ginger is good at clearing your system and helping you to stimulate metabolism. The tuna is also important because it is a rich source of omega-3 fats. That’s going to stimulate your metabolism and help to encourage fat burn. An easy way to make this combination is in sushi.  If you eat the sushi roll, you also get the rice in with this. That’s what helps to create the balance of carbs in this version.

#11: Leafy Greens and Egg Salad

Here is a carb pairing trick for weight loss that is good for everyone that’s a salad lover. You can use any type of leafy greens. For those of you who love kale (even with the bitter bite) start with that. Spinach, collard greens, and most any other green is a good choice here. The greens are a packed with antioxidants and other nutrients to stimulate weight loss, as we’ve mentioned numerous times. With the egg added to them (think hardboiled eggs here), you are going to add in the important protein and fat you need. This is a simple, on-the-go carb pairing trick that works very well for those of us who are constantly eating in a cafeteria or a restaurant. There is always spinach and hard boiled eggs in that buffet!

#12: Whole Grain Crackers and Hummus

What if you need a snack? This carb pairing trick to lose weight works really well and it is something you can eat while you are in the office at your desk watching the clock slowly tick by in the middle of the afternoon. Here’s what I recommend. Choose a healthy, organic hummus that you like (so you will actually eat it).

Then, bring with you whole-grain crackers. Choose those without extra sugar or salt added to them. The crackers work as the carb providing a filling feeling for you. The protein comes from the humus. A bonus here is that some of the better quality humus products contain avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil. That is going to give you the satisfied feeling you want but also give you a bit of richness that you are craving.

#13: Bananas with Peanut Butter

Again, this carb pairing trick for weight loss is super simple, but that’s what works for me. Bananas are a carb that most people enjoy. They are very sweet and that does give you a significant amount of sugar. However, they do have health benefits. This includes reducing the symptoms of high blood pressure and asthma.

It has antioxidants for heart health and can help those who have diabetes see better regulation of their glucose numbers. Peanut butter is your source of fat and protein here. You can use it in any type of scenario to create a protein-rich food (even that peanut butter sandwich your mom made you on whole-grain bread works!) This is also a very filling snack and works well in the morning or late in the evening when you need a snack.

#14: Sunflower Seeds with Oats

A simple carb pairing trick that gives you ample versatility is this one. Mix any of your favorite nuts or seeds along with a hearty grain. For example, choosing oats and mixing them with hulled sunflower seeds works well. Switch this up to include any of your favorites. The seeds or nuts contain your fats and proteins while the carbs, in this case, oats give you that full feeling. This is an excellent choice for those who want something that is heart-healthy without a lot of sugar.

#15: The Power Stir Fry

This is perhaps one of the most versatile options for those who are looking for a carb pairing trick for weight loss that can fit with anything in your fridge (I know because I don’t always get around to using all of those veggies until I get to this day!) The veggies in your fridge are the perfect combination of carbs and nutrients.

Think about the peppers (perhaps even a jalapeno with it) along with onions, zucchini, or squash or most anything you have in your fridge. Add these to your dish and sauté them. Then, add in your choice of protein. Again, there is a lot of room for options here. Choose something you have available such as fresh seafood or you can mix in some chicken or pork.

Even a spicy sausage works here. The goal is just to get enough of the protein you need mixed in. With a bit of avocado oil to cook it in, you have the right combination of nutrients for a carb pairing trick that works every time.

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