Danette May 3 Day Detox Review

Sunday 28th April 2024

I source lots of my fitness and health information from youtube.

One day, Danette May (like the rhyme) popped up on my recommended videos.

Considering I enjoy writing reviews on health-related products and diet plans I had to check out her shop.

From there I saw her Whole You 3-day diet program.

So let me give my personal Danette may detox review.

No fluff…

My honest opinion on whether Dannete may’s 3-day detox plan is worth doing.

What’s Included

It’s important to know the whole you healing detox and bikini body detox are the same thing. They are not two separate products.

Danette May’s 3 Day Detox comes with the following:

  • Healing movements
  • Healing meditation
  • Detox Plan which comes in the form of an ebook

About Danette MAY

Danette May 3 day detox

Every program you follow you want to make sure you’re getting taught from a credible person.

Danette May is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, fitness personality, and health expert.

She is also a certified fitness and Pliates instructor who contains a degree in pre-med.

So clearly on paper, she has the experience to teach.

However, there are a ton of certified health experts who have lots of education who give awful information.

Likewise, some of them are just pushing their magic diet pills that really do nothing for you.

Danette May does not come across like a dishonest person, which is refreshing.

Likewise, having viewed many of her videos I believe she clearly knows what she is talking about.

Facebook followers.

Her Facebook has over 1 million subscribers and is still growing. She also has a ton of content on diet, workout, pilates, and meditation.

One of her most popular books is Eat, sleep, and diet. Danette also has a popular program called the 30-day challenge.

Her Approach (What I love)

Danette approach is not just about following a plan, but also about improving your self-awareness through meditation and healing pilates movements.

I have always been into improving my mind and self-awareness.

Our mind is our greatest asset!

Dannette may really vibed with me on how she loves to nurture and improve it.

As with all programs sometimes the best transformations are done in the mind and actually not the body..

Her approach is a wholesome view of weight loss that encompasses both the mental and physical aspects.

Does she sell snake oil??

Among the trash out there, her approach is very simple and healthy. No gimmicks or fat loss fads.

I personally enjoy many of Danette’s videos.

Yes she sells stuff, get over it. But it is made clear.

What’s Included

Healing movements 

Danette May is a certified pilates instructor.

The movements are specifically pilates movements combined with positive affirmations.

I personally really enjoyed the healing movements.

Danette comes from the approach of loving and healing.

It’s not about putting your body through torture. Instead, more about an internal and mental cleansing.

We all have busy lives. Once in a while, we need a break from the stressors of life. I got the feeling Danette May understands that.

Healing meditation 

I really like how it combines meditation with the program. I can’t stress enough the benefits of meditation.

Here are just a few:

Improves awareness:

Which is scientifically proven. Consequently, you can make better food decisions.

Meditation can create a new relationship with food and new self-love.

Food, mind, and body are all related. So it makes sense to rest and cultivate the mind to create a strong and able body.

Danette May’s meditation can reset the mind.

You can start fresh with a new feeling of self-worth.

What’s most important is you can have more clarity and happiness throughout the day.

The type of meditation Danette teaches involves guided meditations with affirmations.

Detox plan

This comes in the form of an ebook. It’s simple and contains everything you need for the 3 days.

What might cause toxicity

The ebook contains one page which gives clear instructions on what might be causing toxicity in your diet.

I know my main cause of toxicity was lack of exercise and stress.

1 pager of all ingredients

Whole You 3-day detox contains one page of all the ingredients you need.

I personally printed it out to have it to hand when I did my grocery shopping.

Alternatively, you can take a photo of it with your phone.

Every ingredient is specifically selected.

All are known to be great for the gut. Some more for helping friendly gut bacteria like Kefir. Other more for flushing out, such as lemon water.

Increasing metabolism ingredients also specified. Such as green tea. The recipes all selected all combine these ingredients which is amazing.

  • Increase metabolism
  • Flush out gut
  • Heal gut

Smoothies + Recipes + Detox Drinks

healthy smoothie

The majority of the ebook details the meals, smoothies, and drinks for you to make.

They also all take under 5 min!

Check out the below recipes included:

  • Love Smoothie
  • Sensual Warrior Drink
  • Belly Bliss Meal
  • Green Goddess Smoothie
  • Coconut Kale
  • Refreshing Mint Drink
  • Fired Up Metabolism Drink
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Elixir
  • Lemon Water with Cayenne Pepper & Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Lemon Green Tea
  • Detox Piña Colada Smoothie
  • Wake Me Up & Shrink Me Down Smoothie


This stage is the preparation stage. You’re getting your body ready for cleansing. That is why she includes her favourite lemon drinks and various smoothies such as apple cider vinegar mix and pina colada smoothie


Day 2 is all about adding non-inflammatory healing foods to your diet. This is the first day she adds a proper meal in the form of a quinoa meal for dinner.

Here is an example video of Day 2:


The flush stage. All about the cleansing and ridding your body free of toxins. Day 3 also includes a whole food meal for lunch in the form of kale and quinoa mix.

My favorite smoothie? 

I would say it depends on your unique taste buds. However, one of my favorites is the detox pina colada one. I love fruity exotic flavors so it was right down my alley.

How I Found Her Diet

Don’t expect this to be in an in-depth guide. It’s short and sweet. However, you will learn lots about your body and your mind.

The recipes are simple and quick.

Very simple recipes to prepare. The majority will be in the form of liquids. So smoothies and drinks. So you must have a decent blender.

The actual meals can all be prepped in advance. So time in the kitchen is very small.

All ingredients can be sourced at local supermarkets. 

I had no issue finding the ingredients.

Danette includes 3 optional ingredients. In cacao powder, coconut oil, and almond milk.

Cacao powder might be a bit harder to find. However, she does recommend her own cacao bliss powder which is very tasty.

Takeaways- How I Felt 

You may be wondering if you may feel any side effects from the 3-day detox.

Here is a couple you may feel:

  • Refreshed.
  • Hungry at times
  • Slightly Tired
  • Light and upbeat near the end


With all the greens, you can feel super fresh and healthy. You don’t get the lethargic feeling from fried fatty foods. I actually felt refreshed not having any meat either.


You will have some natural cravings. I know mine was oddly for potatoes.

However, I believe the meditations do help your cravings.

Slightly tired

It’s normal to be tired. Your body is on a system flush.

So it will take some energy for your liver to work its magic.

Light and upbeat near end

I believe every day doing the healing movements and meditations was starting to make me feel happier. I also felt a sense of achievement for actually sticking to something for 3 full days.


  • No calorie counting
  • Food can all be found at local grocery store
  • No promoting magic diet pills or supplements.
  • It’s a simple, easy to follow approach to weight loss
  • Will feel better from a 3 day detox
  • Meditations to follow long after the detox
  • Simple deetox drinks that you can use forever
  • Tasty recipes that are great for gut

No calorie counting 

I know I hate tracking macros. There are no macros to track here. Just stick to the diet plan and take it one day at a time.

Sometimes too much tracking can lead to giving up. Program is only 3 days, and no tracking really makes everything easier.

Food can easily be bought locally

I had no issue finding ingredients. I simply printed out the ingredient list and went off to my local to buy.

As stated earlier cacao powder maybe a bit difficult to find. However this is an optional ingredient.

You can use Danettes special mix or go to a local health shop

No dodgy supplements/pills

As with many programs, I don’t like when the creator starts promoting weight loss pills. You don’t need gimmicks. All you need is right in front of you. Clean, natural nourishing foods for detox and weight loss

Simple. As simple as can be.

Everything is laid out for 3 days. Detox drinks and smoothies are also dead easy to make.

Meditations to follow long after the detox

I like how Danette is also very mindful of your mental health. The best changes are those done in your mind. As they are long-lasting. She really helps give that added confidence boost and awareness of self with some effective meditations.


The recipes are long-lasting. You can use them forever. You can make them for your kids, relatives or partner.

Beneficial ingredients for gut

All ingredients are handpicked for the gut. So all the recipes really contain everything you need. It saves time having to find the ingredients and then actually create a drink that tastes good.


Are there any negative reviews? Here are some that you may find:

  • Promotes her 30-day challenge program at the end.
  • Some may find the program too short.
  • Information should be free?

Promotes her 30-day challenge program at the end.  

3-day detox is a gateway into her 30-day challenge which Danette does promote at the end. So be prepared for that. Some people don’t like it but it’s fine with me.


Don’t expect a massive in-depth course on weight loss.

Some people seem to expect a massive 100-page booklet on weight loss.

The detox plan is 27 pages.

Although short it doesn’t need to be long. Danette May gets straight to the point without any waffle.

Advice and Info Should Be Free??

Another concern is that some people feel they can get the recipes free on the internet.

However, for me, it’s worth the price.

Plus the uniqueness of Danettes recipes is they have 3 major benefits together.

The recipes contain ingredients that can detox, heal, and increase metabolism.

Most plans contain one or the other. Danettes plan contains all 3 benefits.

The Science

What does this plan claim to help you with?

Detoxify the body and rehydrate

Yes, there is limited research for detoxing.

Some health sites even suggest that detoxes don’t do anything.

The lowering of bad foods is what helps the body and helps you lose weight.

However, eating healthy greens and foods full of nutrients will provide a great benefit.

It’s shown that certain foods are perfect for the gut. So to say there is no science I believe is misleading.

Science clearly proves healthy foods in May’s program are beneficial to the gut and your body.

I know countless people who have seen better skin, through drinking kefir, and drinking green smoothies in the morning.

So to say detoxes are a fad, you may want to think again.

Detox also gives your gut a rest.

In summary. Yes there is not much science backing detoxing. However, the pure health benefit of the ingredients in Whole You will provide some nutritional benefits. Detoxing is essentially riding of ingredients that damage and hurt the liver and replacing them with ingredients that help it work efficiently.

Transform the body and hormones

It’s about getting hormones back into balance. You may be experiencing flushes, pimples, low libido. Whatever it is, your hormones might be outta wack.

So by nourishing the liver, “your body can effectively excrete excess hormones, metabolic waste and environmental toxins”.

Mind rejuvenation

The plan also includes Meditation. Meditation has shown to have positive benefits. It helps relieve stress, provide mental clarity, and get in tune with oneself.

Likewise, meditation can play an important part in losing weight.

Rejuvenate skin

Drinking detox drinks and green smoothies are great for the skin.

For example, spinach is packed full of nutrients and is an amazing source of vitamins and minerals. The vitamins E, C, and A are vitamins that are specifically really good.

Likewise, green tea has a host of benefits. For example, fighting acne, reducing oily skin, and preventing aging.

Both of these ingredients among many others are included in the plan.

When drinking in liquid form, the benefit goes straight into your bloodstream and to your cells.

3-day detox vs a regular diet…What’s the Difference?

Restrictive. The Detox diet will feel quite restrictive at times.

With all the healthy foods, you likely will get some cravings for some sugar or fatty foods.

However, don’t give in! Give your body a good 3 days to detox.

More liquids than usual

You will feel that you’re putting lots of liquids in your body. Either that being through the detox drinks or the smoothies you have.

Considering you should be drinking a good amount of water you might be going to the toilet more frequently too. Don’t be alarmed. Its good to flush out those toxins.

Giving gut a rest

There is no meat included in the recipes. So you definitely feel that you are giving your gut a rest.

Being a meat-eater, it’s nice to give meat a break and to fill my body with only nourishing ingredients.


Where can I buy 3 day detox?

You can find it on Danettes main website.

30-day challenge review? Is it worth buying her other program?

I really did enjoy the 3-day detox challenge. However, this is the first 3 days of Danette mays 30-day challenge.

Since I have not taken the 30-day challenge I cannot say. However, I honestly think the 3-day detox is good enough for me.

Can I continue further than 3 days?

Yes. Danette even says if you feel like a challenge, try 6 days max.

Can I exercise while detoxing?

Judging on her FAQ’s it is recommended the only exercise you do is the mindful pilates movements you are taught.

I can all recipes and plans free…why should I purchase her 3-day detox

Yes, there are plenty of recipes/drinks/smoothies online that are free. However, it saves lots of time to just have one simple plan to follow. Likewise, it’s difficult to find a plan that has healing, metabolism-boosting, and cleansing ingredients all in one.

My Conclusion 

The guide is supposed to help you feel happier, motivate you, and give direction.

I believe it does all those things.

My weight loss results were also a few pounds! – Which was an added bonus.

I love how Danette clearly does not recommend any stupid diet pills or magic drinks. This is just sound, simple, honest advice.

All the recipes are simple yet full of nourishing nutrients to help you.

Its’ also pretty cheap too.

Being healthy is not rocket science. It’s just making better food choices and having somewhat of a plan.

Thanks for reading my Danette May 3 day detox review.

Last time I checked Danette was running a discount on her program below.

Click the link to see if it’s still active 🙂

Potential discount on 3 Day Detox



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