Fat Fuel Coffee Review

Thursday 28th March 2024

Hello fellow coffee drinker. If your like me, coffee has always been my go to source of energy in the morning. Being the regular coffee drinker I am, I thought it would be a great idea to do a review on Fat Fuel Coffee and how I discovered it.

Truth is..I used to hate mornings!..

The alarm would go off and I would stay in bed for an extra hour, missing my gym session and breakfast in the process. Sound familiar? My breakfast would be a apple that I would quickly grab before I rushed out the door to barely catch my train.

Realising I needed to change my routine, I started to wake up earlier to give me time to get my mind right for the day ahead. I also had more time time to prepare my morning breakfast to help me reach my keto diet goals.

Thats when I came across Fat Fuel Coffee on Amazon. It had a good number of customer reviews and ratings, so my curiosity was spiked instantly.

However, before you buy it’s important to note that Fat fuel coffee may not be for everyone.

Check out my interesting findings that will help you decide whether fat fuel coffee is right for you.

What is fat fuel coffee?

Fat fuel coffee review

See Customer Reviews And Price on Amazon

Fat fuel coffee is a coffee made specifically for the low carb and high fat diets like keto and paleo diet. It is essentially brewed coffee with healthy fats added into the mix.

It includes fats from MCT oil, coconut oil, grass fed butter, and milk. The addition of himalayan salt provides extra trace minerals and flavour.

Fat fuel coffee comes in single packets that simply need to be emptied into and mixed with hot water to create a perfect Keto coffee.

Who are The Company Behind Fat Fuel??!

One of the things that initially made me skeptical is how very hard it is to find information on the history of Fat fuel. I can’t find out how the company got started and who the CEO is.

It may not seem that important, but I always recommend checking out the company profile just to get an idea how credible their products are.

Some companies don’t have credible research supporting their products or have a history of bad businesses practices which often reflects in their poor products.

From what I can see Fat fuel are a health and supplement company that sell a three main products. Fat fuel coffee, Matcha, and cocoa. They also have a small following on Instagram.

Having searched their website, they don’t operate under some dodgy MLM scheme which is a positive. They also seem to have tapped into the young ketoer’s with minimalist and simple approach to selling their product. This is a great approach to educating people of the small but powerful ingredients that are in their products.

Overall, Fat fuel look like a reputable company who care about their customers.

Logic behind how fat fuel can help weight loss?

Fat fuel Coffee has high fat and low carb ingredients that help keep the body keep a state of ketosis. What is Ketosis?  Ketosis is the state in which the body burns fats for energy and not your muscle. This happens when there is no longer any glucose to burn (carbs) so your body dives into the fat reserves.

Essentially you just have think of the keto diet as a high fat low carb diet. We normally get our glucose from carbs like sugar, bread, pasta, all carby and starchy foods. These ingredients are great for gaining weight, but horrible when it comes to losing weight.

By consuming the healthy fats from Keto Coffee your body instantly uses these fats for energy meaning your body store minimal fat, helping you to lose weight.

The ingredients that would have the most profound effect on ketosis are the fatty ingredients like MCT oil, butter and the salts and powders found in Fat fuel coffee.

Drinking fat fuel coffee every morning will automatically give you an early dosage of healthy fats for your body to use as energy and use up.


Grass fed butter powder

Fat fuel coffee is made up of grass fed butter powder. This is probably the ingredient that most contributes to its rich creaminess and more buttery texture.

Grass fed butter powder is butter made from cows that graze on green pastures and eat grass.

Some cows may not be grass fed. They may be given the commercial cow food which is not from natural earth of the grass. It may contain a bunch of additives that can harm the body or are not clinically proven to be safe in moderate consumption.

Grass fed cows and grass fed butter is healthier because it contains all the nutrients that you would get from mother earth. Here are some of the benefits of grass fed butter:

  • Soluble vitamins
  • Increase healthy fats. The healthy kind coming from saturated fat.
  • Contains Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Provides anti-oxidants
  • Gives healthy doses of vitamins A, K, D & E

Mct oil powder

What on earth is MCT oil Powder? MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are fats that can normally found in foods like palm and coconut oil.

MCT oil is essentially an oil that is made from combining the fats from palm and coconut oil in the laboratory.

Think of MCT oil as a healthy oil derived from palm and coconut. The benefits of MCT is that it allows the body to quickly the oil for energy meaning that it is less likely to be stored as fat. Subsequently, it provides a great source of energy that does not pack on the pounds.

Here are some more benefits of MCT oil:

  • MCT oil is a perfect ingredient for the Keto diet. Low carb but gives a dosage of healthy fats. It also increases ketone levels. Ketones are essentially an alternative energy source to glucose. 
  • MCT oil can help weight loss as it provides fullness, less fat storage, and increases the amount of ketones in your body.  
  • Can aid performance. Some professional athletes take MCT to increase their levels of performance. This is because it can help sustain long levels of moderate  muscular intensity exercise.

Side Effects/Other Research

Although some of these arguments are true, there is also research suggesting mct oil has very little effect on weight loss.

For dosages contained in fat fuel coffee I would say the impact is most likely only a small amount.

Also there might be some unintended side effects of mct when you body is getting used to it. This can include diarrhoea and maybe some nausea. This is why it’s best to keep the dosage amount to a small amount.

Coconut oil powder

Coconut oil is everywhere for every health nut out there. Coconut on skin, to eat, to sleep with…maybe not sleep with you bastard.

Coconut oil is also made up of MCT. Although the main difference is its levels of MCT. Whereas coconut is not 100% mct, mct oil is.

There are a wide range of benefits of coconut oil.

  • The main one being the same as MCT in that fats can be quickly broken down and used as energy so it doesn’t help add to weight loss provided your dieting correctly.
  • Coconut oil also has lauric acid. Lauric acid is a acid that help immune system strong and healthy. It also regulates gut bacteria. It can kill fungi, and bad bacteria in your body.
  • Like MCT oil it can reduce hunger. This can be down to the making you feel fuel due to the creation of the ketones effect. Producing  Ketones tend to make you feel fuller.
  • Coconut oil can help lower cholesterol. This is down to the fact the good cholesterol HDL is produced more. Good cholesterol transports cholesterol to your liver to be expelled from the body. Bad cholesterol goes to your arteries where it can be built up as fat and strain the artery walls.

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt contains trace minerals which provide an amazing benefit to the body.

Normally you think of salt being good for the body but table salt is the worst. Natural minerals from rocks and ocean are lost in these normal table salt. Who knew that small amounts of salt can actually be very good for you.

Some of the benefits of himalayan salt are as follows:

    • Relaxing muscles and prevents cramps 
    • Can reduce signs of ageing
    • Maintaining proper fluid balance
    • Can act as a detox and balance your bodies ph levels. According to Draxe A healthy acid to alkaline ration can help you immune system function to optimal ability and have good digestion.

Once again, don’t be taking too much himalayan salt, if you decide to take this ingredient on your own. Too much of anything is bad. Luckily the amount in Fat Fuel is not over powering. 

Instant organic Coffee

The coffee in Fat Fuel is made from coffee that meets the high European standards for mold and mycotoxins. So it definitely is a quality coffee.

One thing I don’t like is you do not know where the coffee bean is from. Either way it is organic which means no chemicals or pesticides were used in the coffees production.

Some reviewers say it taste like milk coffee due to the milk in the fat fuel. The product itself and coffee in combination with the fats taste like a creamy latte. Coffee has a number of benefits if taken in correct amounts. For example:

  • Increased metabolism,
  • high energy
  • Higher alertness
  • Lowered risk of alzheimer’s disease
  • Reduces depression and suicide risk

Overall coffee is a substance that has been around for decades and is a staple to the western diet.

Benefits of coffee to increase metabolic rate.

Coffee on its own also has some metabolic factors. One of the main ingredients is the most obvious one which is caffeine. For example, caffeine is linked to affecting your metabolic rate.

Metabolic rate is essentially how quickly your body uses energy while resting. The higher the rate the more energy you body will you use up meaning the less likely you will store fat.

According to health line, one research revealed there was a 29% increase in RMR (resting metabolic rate) and a 10% increase in RMR for obese people when consuming caffeine.

Caffeine is definitely one of the most important ingredients for increasing metabolism.


Fat fuel coffee does contain milk. So if your lactose intolerant it’s best to avoid fat fuel coffee.

Natural Flavourings

We don’t know what the natural flavourings are as this is not included in the nutritional profile. Well at least its “natural” so must be better than artificial?

Apparently the lines of differences between the two are not so clear cut as one may think. Just because your eating natural flavourings of apple does not mean that is crushed up organic apple you are eating. It just means it was sourced from nature. Something was extracted from nature and then the “original ingredient was purified and extracted and added back into the food.” 

In comparison, artificial means entirely made by humans, not coming from  nature and in a laboratory.

It is clear that natural flavourings are a very muddy area and there is a lot of grey matter.

I believe the natural flavourings are fine in fat fuel, but it’s useful to always question what natural really means and to look at the company behind whose promoting this. The natural flavourings or potential ingredients in natural flavours are such a small amount I doubt there will be any harm to the body.

However, you have to be careful if you come across numerous natural flavourings products where the company background is dodgy. This can be in the case of dodgy network marketing businesses out to make a quick buck.

Nutritional label 

fat-fuel-coffee-nutrition_label review

  • Protein. Does contain a low amount of protein.
  • High in fat. Coffee is predominantly made of Fat. 22 grams of total fat.
  • 5g of carbs. However, having checked on Amazon from the seller these come from the milk and coconut oil. So no added carbs specifically and all from the ingredients in the coffee.
  • 5g of sugar. Sugar is slightly higher than what I would like but at least it is no added sugar. This just means the sugar in fat fuel occurs from the carbohydrates in the shake

Potential benefits from taking fat fuel?

  • Curbs appetite. Ingredients that can cause this
  • Perfect for Keto Diet or any low carb high fat diet
  • Great taste
  • Increased energy levels
  • Source Of Natural minerals.
  • 22 servings for 37 dollars-  2.53 / Count)
  • Easy to make – better than bulletproof coffee


    • Does contain milk
    • 5g sugar. The plus side is that there are no added sugars meaning the sugars are naturally occurring from the carbohydrates.
    • May be too thick and creamy for some
    • Do not make mistake of having a High carb diet and taking coffee with other carbs and fats. 
    • Fat fuel coffee should not completely replace nutritional benefit of a whole food breakfast. Combine it with some fruits or a light snack.

How to take fat fuel coffee for maximum results:

Fat fuel coffee can be mixed in a blender exactly how you would like with hot or cold water.

The best way though is to have in the morning and add it to hot water.  Simply empty the contents of fat fuel into a glass. Simply mix fat fuel with hot water and stir away. You have to be sure to mix well otherwise it can be sorta creamy. Simply down to the butter and of fatty oils.

I would have fat fuel along with some lean morning foods like some fruits. I would not get into the bad habit of replacing a healthy nutritious breakfast with a fatty coffee. Best and healthiest way is a nice nutritious breakfast containing fruits oats or some other protein sources.

I would not take it anytime after 4 as you may have trouble sleeping. Caffeine can stay in your body for 2 days so morning is best.

Customer Impressions

This you tuber found the coffee nice tasting. You can see the creamy texture it has. Buttery, milky coffee is definitely what I would describe it as.

Bottom line. Many customers lovers found fat fuel coffee an amazing coffee that tastes great and is a great coffee.

My opinion

In my opinion Fat fuel coffee is probably the best of the Keto coffees that are out there. The ever so popular Bullet proof coffee is what dominates the market and is the popular one. However, with bullet proof you have to add in the extra ingredients.

Fat fuel is so simple as everything is included in a satchet packet.

The ingredients are all healthy too. The only concern would be the natural flavourings as its uncertain what these actually are. Likewise fat fuel does contain milk which means it contains lactose. However, if your a normal coffee drinker it shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

Overall Fat fuel coffee is perfect for the keto diet. It has healthy fats, plenty of carbs, and is a all in one solution that is super easy to prepare.

I have been taking Fat fuel coffee for a couple months now and really do see the difference to my body in terms of weight loss. I also feel more energised and alert in the mornings which is a surprise considering I never was a morning person.

The place where I buy my Fat Fuel Coffee is over at Amazon. They normally have good deals and fast free shipping.

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