Flat Tummy Shake It Baby Review

Monday 6th May 2024

Is Flat Tummy Shake It Baby really worth the hype?

Shake it baby claims to speed up your weight loss by cleansing and de-bloating your system. Kim Kardashian is even promoting shake it baby. So it has got to be good right?

The short answer is no.

This is a longishh article…If you want a quick snapshot of the healthy meal replacement shakes I personally use then Skip down below.

If you want my personal experience to why I don’t recommend Shake it baby then keep reading.

Having personally used shake it baby, I would say it is not worth the price you pay for it. There are cheaper alternatives on the market that have the same health benefit as Shake it baby.

At $90 for a 4 week supply and $70 for only a two week supply its fair to say that this shake is expensive.

This doesn’t even include shipping which will raise the price to at least $95 a month supply if your not in the states! If you wanted to use shake it baby regularly it will definitely cost you.

The fact that if you were one day to replace two meals for a week it would cut down the supply even further.

For an ordinary person shake it baby really is not practical or sustainable. I have not even got onto the taste either.

My Story

Hello I’m Leyla. I have  been a so called nutrition lunatic for over 10 years now. I started to take a conscious effort of my health when I got severe psoriasis all over my body through stress and bad eating habits.

If you don’t know what psoriasis is, it is a skin condition where my skin cells produce more than the average person. It was horrible!

My stress was caused through falling pregnant to my beautiful daughter while also dealing with the breakup of my long term boyfriend. These events led to a toxic relationship with food and I found myself ballooning in size.

Being only 22 at the time you can say I had a lot of weight on my shoulders….literally. I made the conscious decision to get my life back in gear and feel good about myself again.

I was on the lookout for ways I could operate at a calorie deficit given my busy lifestyle. Meal replacement shakes sounded like a great solution to quickly fit in a meal post workout or in the morning.


How I found Shake it Baby Meal replacement shake.

I remember coming across shake it baby through another one of flat tummy co’s products called flat tummy tea. I got to hand it to Flat tummy as a company. They have so many paid influencers on instagram promoting their product including Kim Kardashian that its not hard to notice their brand.

With all this hype it got me interested. I checked out their company website and found they also offered a meal replacement shake.

Considering I already used Vega One for many years with great success, what really caught my eye is that this shake had super citrimax.

They claimed that this ingredient along with their program is 3x more effective than diet or exercise alone. Really? 3x more effective?..Alarm bells should of started ringing then that I had been suckered in to a well written sales copy. Either way they had got my attention.

My results

To see if the shake it baby shakes lived up to its hype I bought a month supply. I decided to go with the Vanilla flavour over the green tea as drinking a green tea shake kind of made my stomach curl.

Flat Tummy Shake It Baby Review

My initial thoughts were shake it baby do a great job on their branding. The pink packets were all very neatly presented. It looked like something you would get from a luxury food store which made a  nice surprise to the normal cardboard box with a tub inside.

Flat tummy vanilla flavour


Reading the instructions, It was recommended I replace two meals a day with shake it baby. What I found confusing is knowing whether to use half of a single packet or a full packet. I figured I would use the full packet to get all nutrients into my system. Also it says Monday to Friday. Does that mean we skip Saturday or Sunday? Some extra clarifications would of been nice.

One thing that really shocked me was the taste. As much as I was hoping for something smooth, velvety and sweet but not too sweet, I got quite the opposite. I’m not a fussy eater but it tasted fowl.  I would describe the taste as being chalky and tasting like artificial vanilla. God knows how the green tea taste like.

Green radioactive waste most likely.

What am I going to say. I bought this chalky radio-active shake?

The beginning sips are ok. However the more you drink the harder it becomes to gut.

You have to add in some extra fruits in like banana or blueberries to cope with the taste. For a luxury meal replacement shake I would expected it to taste better. I respect flat tummy co for keeping sugar content low but I still felt it could of had a better flavour.

I also found the texture gritty with a weird after taste. If you don’t mind the gritty texture then you’ll be fine. However, I don’t like tasting the grains on my teeth. I don’t know how to describe it but its quite bitter sweet that lingers in your mouth. Definitely does not taste like the dairy milk vanilla I’m used to.

Shake it baby comes with a extra kick day Monday. Like the other shake it baby packets you can replace a whole meal with the extra kick Monday.

I found that the extra kick Monday did provide a slight boost in alertness. Kinda felt like the effects of green tea but it definitely wasn’t as strong as a coffee. The Monday kick is packed with extra B6, B12 and Niacin nutrients which was probably what I was feeling.

These ingredients are said to keep your nervous system in check. They also provide a increase in brain functionality and energy levels although I didn’t feel much of either.

One positive I can say about the shake is that it does smell amazing. Imagine that time in the morning where your mum is mixing up some cookies. It reminded me of childhood.

I didn’t notice any difference in this shake compared to others that don’t have citrimax. Flat tummy say that their program is 3x faster than the effect of diet and exercise. I never saw or felt this change when I had shake it baby for a month.

Some days I was replacing two shakes and I felt hungry. 130 calories per packet is not enough to satisfy a active person. If you want to lose weight you don’t need to starve yourself. I found myself snacking on energy bars and sometimes cooking meals to satisfy my hunger.

In general many reviews on Amazon can be summed up by the following:

The taste is thick but not in a creamy way. More grainy and bitty.

The minimal results are not worth the price you pay. In general the tea is more of a laxative tea that makes you go to the toilet frequently.

The tea is expensive. Only lasts two weeks and even less if you take twice daily.

Look at similar reviews on Amazon


What happened after 1 month? .. After 2 1/2 weeks I stopped taking shake it baby. The shake turned out to be a waste of money in the end. I just couldn’t commit to having to consume two shakes a day. Sometimes even one shake was difficult.

I wanted to look forward to consuming my shake it baby satchet but I never felt that way. It felt like a chore which is probably one of the reasons I gave up taking the shake.


7. Summary: Pros and cons.

High protein low calories: Shake it baby does have high protein and low calories. This is the perfect combination for losing weight. For the most part their ingredients do seem to be high quality too.

Plant based protein sources: protein sources are great plant based proteins. These include brown rice, pea, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Probiotics: The shake contains two strains of probiotics Pepzyme AG and Bifidobacterium longum. Probiotics are known for their immune boosting capabilities.

Vitamins: Shake it baby comes with a good selection of vitamins to feed the body with the nutrients it needs.


Tastes Yuck:If you don’t like the strong taste of green tea matcha or vanilla then good luck. Vanilla does not taste like your ice cream flavour but more bland and watered down.

Overly hyped: Citrimax is the key ingredient in shake it baby. However, for me it does absolutely nothing to help you lose weight. It acts more as a placebo effect. I’m sure there have been times in your life where you have been hoodwinked into buying something only to realise it does not do what it was intended.

Citrimax works exactly the same way. It will NOT magically shed 5 pounds of fat from your body. I understand Flat tummy have to promote their products but the benefit of citrimax is minimal at best.

Does not last long: If you replace two meals a day you have effectively spent $90 for only 2 weeks. May have been better just consuming a celery stick. At that price and for how long they last, I would say these shakes are not sustainable.

You will not continue to use them 2 or three months down the line as you would have blown or your cash and motivation.

The best shakes are cheaper but still high quality that you can take them post workout or whenever you don’t feel like a meal.

Potential feelings of hunger and gas: Shake it baby only contains 130 calories. Considering you are essentially drinking all this down in liquid form it can cause you to feel hungry. The best way to take meal replacement shakes is not to starve yourself but to feel satisfied. If that involves adding some oats or carbs here and there, then you should.

Feeling of bloating, discomfort in gut: Everybody’s body reacts differently to certain ingredients. The first time you take a meal replacement shake you could feel possible gut/stomach discomfort. This is likely caused by the fibre content and also high protein being digested by your body.

No return policy: No money back guarantee unless product is faulty in some way. 100% satisfaction is therefore not guaranteed.

Negative reviews online: Overall the reviews are very mixed for shake it baby. All the positive reviews tend to be all on the company website which is a bit suspicious. The most common complaints is that this shake will leave you starving if you replace two meals.

I don’t recommend starving as its unhealthy and simply not practical. snacking or adding extra filler foods like oats and bananas or veggies is a option.


Are Flat Tummy shakes Healthy? 

Yes I would say that flat tummy shakes are healthy.

Although nothing can ever replace whole foods as a diet, flat tummy’s shake it baby does have all the necessary ingredients to be a healthy substitute.

As a reminder you should not use meal replacement shakes solely on their own. As with anything moderation is key.

What If Shake it baby is too expensive but I really want Super Citrimax

Super citrimax will help you lose weight so they say. However, it is not clinically proven. I believe  If you are hell bent on having it then give shake it baby a try but I woudn’t hold your breath on how good it is. Dr OZ was famously lambasted for making ridiculous claims about Garcinia cambogia (where cuper citrimax was taken from).

If you search online for these Super citrimax or garcinia cambogia a lot of the best reviews come from promoters who are sponsored by the product.

What is Flat tummy tea?

Flat tummy co sell 3 products. They sell a meal replacement shake, detox tea and a bundle package. The bundle package includes both the detox tea and the replacement shake.

There are plenty of lose weight teas on the market. Flat tummy tea is simply another weight loss tea. Although I have not tried it myself if you check the reviews on amazon they are all very mixed.

Is Shake it Baby Worth Buying?

I have to say no. This is down to three simple reasons: cost, sustainability, and taste. Within three weeks I had nearly burnt through the $90 month supply of shake it baby. I was not even replacing two meals a day which they had recommended.

In regards to taste I really did not like the vanilla flavour. I had to add berries and a banana and blend it up to make it bearable. I would have looked forward more to having the shakes if it tasted better.

Although shake it baby is healthy I feel starving yourself is not. If you were to follow the instructions of having 2 meal replacements a day you will feel very hungry. At 130 calories per shake you will be operating at a calorie deficit.

However, you can do that anyway through eating a celery stick a day if you wanted to and don’t need to buy a shake. Frequently, I found myself having some oats or constantly snacking to get rid of the hunger.

Whats included in Shake it baby?


Protein includes sources from pea, brown rice, flaxseeds, chia seeds nuts. These are all healthy sources of protein that are more healthier options than whey protein.

22 vitamins and minerals

Plenty of vitamins and minerals ranging from Vitamin A, D to B2. These Vitamins have the benefit.

50 fruits and vegetables

There is a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. These include peach, Acai, cherry, mango, spinach, carrot, cranberry, apple, kiwi, broccoli to name a few.

Super Citrimax:

Super citrimax is a extract from garcinia cambogia. It contains 60% HCA (Hydroxy citric acid). This an acid extracted from plant based sources. HCA is said to promote a number of great weight loss benefits such as increased metabolism, suppressed appetite, reducing stress, and lowering cholesterol.

However, there is very little research to show this. Also many weight loss scams or companies all claim to have garcinia cambogia in their products. Often the effects are overly hyped. As stated earlier it will be more of a placebo effect for you.


Shake it baby is expensive there is no question there. For the price you pay, you will also be left starving. At only 130 calories per serving it has the power to make you a bolimic.

2 week program (10 satchets) = $70

4 week program (20 satchets) = $90

Shake it baby coupon/discount.

Considering shake it baby is pretty expensive I was on the lookout for a possible coupon. I browsed a number of sites but could find nothing. Its annoying as the only “best deal” I could find was for the original price of $90.

If I could find a price of between 45-55 bucks like my recommended alternatives, then I would consider buying. You can normally find shakes good deals on amazon.

How to Use Shake it Baby

You need to replace 1-2 meals day (they recommend 2). The best times for a meal replacement shake are post workout or in the morning as a substitute for breakfast/lunch. Monday comes with an extra kick. Designed to give you a extra kick in the morning with many vitamins ranging from a to z. Perfect for mondays.

Recommended Alternatives: What is working for me…

Vega One

Vega One


I have used vega one as my go to meal replacement shake for the past 3 years. For me it simply it is affordable being only $54 for a month supply.

If you were buying shake it baby for $54 you would only get a two week supply.

It contains all the nutrients you would want to replace a meal too. Protein, nutrients, vitamins probiotics are all included in vega one.

Take a look at the nutrional label below to see what I mean:

vega one nutritional label

It will last a good month too unlike shake it baby.

Probiotics are all good sources to help your digestion and booster your immune system. Through my own experience and research probiotics also great for treating skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Omega 3: omega three has a number of benefits. They can help fight depression and anxiety, improve the health of your eyes, reduce blood pressure while also help fight against some auto-immune diseases.

The shake mixes well and taste decent too. If you feel like adding additional flavours adding banana or extra fruit can add some variety. If you want a thicker texture adding to oats and milk also works well.

Amazing Meal

Amazing Meal


Amazing meal is another meal replacement that I have used in the past.

Protein: Amazing meal is made up of raw plant based proteins. These include Hemp, brown rice, pumpkin and quinoa. The benefit of plant based proteins is they are a healthier alternative to the processed whey protein.

This shake is also great if you are a vegetarian or have specific alergies. It is gluten free/ soy free and also contains billion probiotics and greens and superfoods. All great for nourishing the body.


Living a healthy lifestyle can be expensive. Amazing meal is much more cheaper than than Shake it baby so you will save money. For a 30 serving tub it is $53.

Cons: Amazing meal for all its healthiness does have a acquired taste. I personally do not mind the taste. However,  it is something you will have to get used to and one of the few complaints some consumers have with this product.

Nonetheless, remember these shakes are really high quality and nutritious. Every time something tastes bad I mix it with bananas, berries and sometimes even yogurt and it tastes great.

Other Alternatives:




Although I have not tried Truefit. This shake is one of the best tasting meal replacement shakes on amazon. It is more geared those who hit the gym regularly or lift weights.

Protein: The protein source is form whey protein.

Price: It is one of the cheapest meal replacement shakes on the market. However, do not be fooled. Just because it is cheap does not mean it lacks quality. Vitamins and probiotics are all included in Truefit.

Pros: Great tasting, very cheap for a meal replacement, and contains vitamins and probiotics

Cons: Protein is made from whey protein which is not as healthy as plant based proteins. Geared towards those who workout given the higher than average protein amount.

Garden of Life:

Garden of Life Meal Replacement Shake


Garden of life is a perfect substitute for shake it baby. It contains everything you need in a shake.


Shake comes with 20g of plant based proteins. It also has an amazing healthy list of super greens and vegetables. These include Kale Brocolli, spinach. All organic and raw.

Garden of Life is also Vegan, dairy, and soy free which is great for people who have auto-immune diseases or allergies.


  • Overall the reviews around the internet are all really positive about Garden of life
  •     Makes a great meal replacement and post workout shake
  • Extremely healthy with probiotics, super greens, and plant based proteins.


I gave up using shake it baby. I would burn through the satchets and then have to fork out another $90 after around 3 weeks If I stuck to it. The taste was not the best too. I normally am good when it comes to taste and will put up with a average tasting shake it if is healthy.

However, Shake it baby really did taste like crap. The Vanilla flavour lingered in my mouth and had a bitter after taste. It was a weird sensation and I simply never looked forward to the taste.

You can add banana and berries to improve the taste but I feel for a $90 shake it should of tasted better.

I now use Vega one as my go to meal replacement shake. If something has worked for the past 3 years why change it.  It works out cheaper, tastes better and has the same nutritional content.

Recommended Alternatives:

Vega One (Check Amazon for Price)
TrueFit (Check Amazon for Price)
Amazing Meal (Check Amazon for Price)
Garden of Life (Check Amazon for Price)

Whatever meal replacement you decide to buy good luck!  

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