How To Get A Bigger Buttocks Fast With Exercise At Home

Saturday 11th May 2024

When asking my partner the area he found most attractive on the female body his answer did not surprise me one bit….the butt. The booty, the peaches whatever you wanna call it.

How do you think the whole saying came about: “I hate to see her go…but I love to watch her leave.”

It originated because a man was checking out the peachy butt of a woman walking away.

Taking this gold piece of information into consideration it makes sense to work out the glutes. Who doesn’t want to accentuate their curves and bring out your naturally feminine physique?

However, in our busy lives its not always easy to find the time to hit the gym. Travelling and making sure you get on the right equipment at a busy gym can be a chore sometimes.

This guide will teach you how to get a bigger buttocks fast with exercise at home

Lets get started shall we.

Donkey kicks

Now I know you might have heard of this funny sounding exercise but don’t underestimate its effectiveness. If done correctly using my “secret” tips below you will definitely start seeing results.

Donkey kicks are essentially leg raises. When doing this exercise its vital you do not swing your leg but raise them slowly to really work the glutes. Remember with any exercise your mind has to be placed right inside the muscle to feel every fibre and every contraction.

To do donkey kicks raise your leg like you’re kicking out. You should be on all fours with you back parallel to the ground with the bend of your leg at a 90 degree angle.

Squeeze your glutes like your were trying to crack a nut! Learn to build that mind body connection. This is a great secret to getting a bootylicious butt


Side Leg Lifts

 This bootylicious butt workout does wonders when you have a resistance band around your ankles.

To do this exercise lie down on your side and raise you leg up and down in a controlled motion. If you have a resistance band you goal is to raise you leg as high as you can to really contract the glutes.

For extra effect try using a band from amazon to add resistance. Also try 1-1.5 second fast raise of the leg and a much slower 2 sec lowering to keep constant tension on the glutes.

Forward lunge:

forward lunge

Every professional athlete in the world has heard of the lunge. That’s because its one of the best exercises for activating the glute muscles.

Start off by standing like you normally would in an upright position with your legs slightly apart. Step forward with one leg until your knees come to a 90 degree angle. During this movement it is important that you keep your shoulders relaxed, and your toso bent slightly forward .

Push up from until you reach you starting upright position and repeat. You can also try a variation of this exercise by remaining in a lunge position but instead of pushing all the way up to your starting upright position push up only halfway and then back down.

This will keep constant tension on one leg for a sustained amount of time.

  • It is vital that during this exercise you push through your heel. The tension needs to be felt on your heel and not on the front of your foot (this can be damaging for the knees).
  • Forget your back at a vertical position. Bending your torso slightly forward is crucial to doing the lunge correctly.

Curtsy Side leg lunge

How To Get A Bigger Buttocks Fast With Exercise At Home

 This exercise is very similar to the forward lunge but instead of bending forward you are bending to the side. Just imagine yourself doing a curtsy. This exercise put more of a focus on your inner thighs as well as your butt.

  • Work your butt everyday for at least 20 minutes. Over working a muscle group can be known to really stimulate its growth. In this case its pertiness.
  • Squeeze as hard as you can. You have to learn about mind body connection to really activate these muscles.
  • Wear tight clothing that accentuates your buttox. This will help motivate you but also once you do have a toned ass make you want to flaunt it for the whole world to see ;).
  • If you would like more resistance purchasing a set of dumb bells can also help with squats.

Wall stress position

wall stress position

 The wall stress position was as a form of torture back in the day.. The US Navy Seal’s even use this position to strengthen their recruits. Trust me though if done right it can really firm up that butt.

With your feel shoulder width apart, stand with you back up against something straight.

Slowly bend you legs down until you reach a squat position. Throw your arms out in front of you for stability.

Try and hold for 1-2 minutes. You will know its working when you feel your legs begin to burn.


Bulgarian split squat.

bulgarian leg squat

 The Bulgarian split squat is one of if not the best exercise for bringing out glutes and thighs as it really applies concentrated resistance on the thighs and legs.

I knew a girl from Bulgaria at Uni and it so happened she had some of the most amazing thighs and butt a person could lay eyes on. It wasn’t a coincidence I saw her doing Bulgarian split squats in the gym.

Begin the exercise with your flat foot on the ground and your rear foot on a bench, chair, or bed. Your front foot will be your working foot during the exercise and you rear foot will be used for balance.

Lower yourself into a deep lunge while making sure you knee does not pass your toes. Push up from your legs to return to the starting position. Make sure that you are pushing through your heel, feeling pressure in your leg and not on your knee.

The majority of your weight should be shifted to your front leg. Your arms can either be stretched out in front of you or by your side for balance.

Glute Bridges

Lie down with you back flat up against a mat or floor. Your knees should be bent and away from the floor. Lift your butt and hips up off the ground and push them up towards the ceiling.

Hold and contract your glutes as hard as you can at the very top and then lower your butt back down to starting position.

You can try adding a book or weight to your torso to increase the resistance.


Jump Squat

 Jump squats are fantastic for brining out the quads, glutes and adding that explosive power.

No equipment or supplies, you can do these just about anywhere.

The great thing about the jumping squat is it not only works your leg and butt muscles but also provides a great little cardio workout.

To do the jump squat stand with your legs spread to about shoulder width. Squat down and then jump up by pushing on your legs.

To get the most out of this exercise try and keep constant tension on your glutes by minimising your rest time between repetitions and sets.

That’s not all…

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The bottom line

Hope you enjoyed all the workouts mentioned above that I personally use on a regular basis. Thanks for reading and I wish you all the success on building that peachy derriere.

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