Metabolic Renewal Review – Read This Before Buying

Saturday 13th July 2024

There are lots of metabolic renewal reviews floating around on the internet.

Scam“, “waste of money”, “Fraud”, “Great program”, and “Solid Advice” show a mixed bag of customer opinions from people who have bought the program.

The majority of negative reviews come from people upset with the numerous upsells (Which you can opt-out of).

However, is metabolic renewal really legit?

Lets dive in deep and assess the pros and cons to whether this program is worth buying or not.

The Short Answer is Yes!

I bought the program and In my humble opinion, Metabolic renewal is worth it.

Despite the upsells for supplements, which is a huge turn off, metabolic renewal is extremely affordable for what you are getting in return. More Details below:

Over 50% Discount Off Metabolic Renewal

What Is It?

Metabolic renewal is a diet program specifically designed to help women lose weight.

The main selling point is that women’s hormones are different from men’s. Women go through different stages of cycles and menopause.

Most diet programs are designed for men. This one size fits all approach is restrictive and not specifically designed for women’s unique genetic makeup.

Women have different metabolic types/hormonal types. By discovering your hormonal type you can best understand how you can lose weight.

According to Dr Jade Teta, this is what gives women a metabolic advantage over men. Based on findings he accumulated and put together.

Dr Jade Teta concluded the below:

  • Women Burn 65% More Fat Than Men
  • Women create nearly double the fat burning hormones of men
  • Metabolic renewal workouts burn 10x more fat.

However, are these sayings truthful? Where did Dr. Jade Teta find these sayings?

All of the statements make reference to clinical research.

The statement that women burn 65% more fat, sounds almost too good to be true.

However, there is research from a study conducted by The American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology, and Metabolism.

Nonetheless, I can’t find the exact reference on his website. There is no link to the exact study and I could not find anything online. So you just have to trust that this statement is true.

65% sounds crazy high but I trust its correct given its credible source.

Do metabolic renewal workouts burn 10x more fat?

This sounds like a sales statement. Burning 10x more fat than a traditional workout is incredible!

Dr Jade Teta defines traditional workouts as 20 min cardio on the treadmill and hardcore weight lifting, and exercise machines.

These “traditional workouts” absolutely work! Combine them with a low-calorie diet and you will definitely burn fat.

Likewise, traditional workouts can be great if done with high intensity. This is not taken into consideration.

The lines also slightly become blurred between Dr Jade’s new workouts and traditional workouts.

Traditional workouts incorporate the same basic principles of being high intensity and using some form of weights.

However, I absolutely love the fact Dr Jade Teta is all about working smarter and not harder.

Truth is you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to lose weight. Short, and intense workouts, are very effective if done correctly.

In addition, everyone is at different fitness levels. If you have been doing zero physical activity and then suddenly we’re thrown into a 1 hour 30 min traditional weight training regime you might be put off.

I like how he comes from the new age of thinking about maximizing efficiency and reducing workout time.

Remember though…still have to work hard 😉

Who is Dr. Jade Teta? – Is he legit?

Dr Jade Teta Metabolic renewal review

Well, initially you would think this guy looks like he could be someone’s dad.

He’s a bald, heavyset man with fat and muscle.

You could imagine him just walking down the local Walmart. He doesn’t look too much like a fitness trainer.

Dr Jade Teta even admits it himself. He doesn’t follow the traditional stereotype of a fitness trainer.

He humorously admits that he looks like an NFL line-backer in his introductory videos.

However, having read his short bio, Dr Jade is definitely qualified.

Dr JadeTeta is a personal trainer.

He also has a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a Doctorate in naturopathic medicine, which is amazing.

I would say his knowledge does come from a source of credibility and scientific research that is not all “bro-science”.

His story of working with mainly women clients through his personal training days also gives him an edge over other fitness leaders who focus on both men and women.

Understanding the female body is the main strength of the program.

Program Features

Dr Jade, seperates metabolic renewal into 4 pillars. These are

  • Movement
  • Mindset
  • Meals
  • Exercise


Exercise and movement are two different things. While exercise is important, movement is more important.

Dr jade refers to this as NEAT. This stands for Non-exercise-associated Thermogenesis.

These are exercises that can include movement, breathing, walking, and other motion activities, like fidgeting.

For example, walking outside and doing some gardening would be considered NEAT.

In addition, simply standing instead of sitting would also be considered a form of NEAT.

Does it work?

I was initially skeptical about NEAT (Non Exercise Associated Thermogenesis). Can choosing the stairs over the escalator really be more effective than running on the treadmill?

Metabolic Renewal claims Neat loses 200% more calories than exercise. This sounds crazy!

It’s also not clear what type of exercise we are talking about.

Can standing up instead of sitting down really burn more than a 30-minute jog?

However, there is no denying that there is some scientific evidence supporting NEAT.

Take a look at Professor James A. Levine’s research on NEAT.

The academic study concluded that NEAT “increases under feeding and decreases over feeding”.

Consequently, NEAT can be essential to maintaining a healthy weight and losing weight.

Further research also concluded that you can lose an extra 300 -1000 calories a day through NEAT.

NEAT activities include:

  • Using the stairs
  • Walking to work
  • Walking around office
  • Cooking
  • Standing instead of sitting
  • Playing with kids

Essentially the more neat activities you incorporate the more energy you will burn.

To conclude, NEAT can definitely help you lose weight!

It can also be great for your mental health. Learning to breath a certain way to reduce stress for example.

However, I believe NEAT must be incorporated with a workout if you want to see results quickly.

Simply standing at your computer and breathing a certain way is not going to have the same impact as a HIIT workout in the gym.


In metabolic renewal, mindset is more around how to deal with stress.

Women’s bodies respond differently to men when it comes to stress. Women’s bodies are naturally designed to deal with the effects of childbirth.

When stressed your body releases a hormone called cortisone.

This hormone can cause less sleep, slower metabolism and slower thyroid for women. It can also cause increased hunger and cravings.

Dr jade teaches ways to relax, recover, and reduce the levels of cortisol in your body.

Does it work?

Mindset is important for everything. Mindset keeps your brain strong, focused and also on the right path.

I really like how DR jade gives some useful techniques. This is something that may not only impact weight loss but other areas of your life too. Overall, it will make you a happier, stronger, and more composed person.


The key to a sustainable diet is not about starvation but balance.

Dr Jade picks foods that are perfect for weight loss. He even offers tips on where you are in your menstruel cycle and stage in life.

For example some practical advice is offered for woman the different categories below:

  1. Woman who are menstruating normally
  2. Pregnant woman
  3. Perimenopause, Menopause,
    AND Post-Menopause
  4. The Metabolically Challenged Woman

Essentially you will build and learn a diet that is customizable just for your hormone type/cycle and your tastes.

Be aware though. There are additional products he tries to upsell like metabolic spark. I don’t believe this a worth buying, but that’s my two cents.

What’s Included In The program:

  • 12-week Workout Plan
  • Metabolic Renewal Roadmap
  • The 12-week metabolic meals plan
  • A transformation Tracker
  • Body Shaping bonuses
  • Exclusive Facebook Group

Workout Plan

The workout plan involves multiple instructional videos that last for 12 months. As the weeks go on the workouts ramp up and get harder.

Each week is separated in a beginning, middle, and end. For example, he breaks down the 12 weeks into

  • Phase1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4

metabolic renewal_Phase1 to 4

As you can see from the video above. The workouts are quite easy to follow and can all be done from home.

The workouts are also for every muscle group.

This includes workouts for the back, legs, chest, shoulders and arms.

It’s difficult to get bored with the workouts. They are simple, yet highly intense and effective. You know their working well when you feel the burn afterward.

It’s great that Dr. Jade Teta acts as a personal trainer as well. He’s a very good motivator and gives clear instructions. The only equipment you need is a set of dumbbells and resistance bands.

What I don’t like is the workout girls used in his videos are all models..that can be a downer. They already have such a high level of physical fitness.

If you have back problems or are much older then it may not be for you. You will have your issues.

Metabolic Renewal Roadmap

The metabolic renewal roadmap gives you all the information you need to know about losing weight. For example,

  • Hormone type
  • Fat loss acceleration
  • Different metabolic toggles
  • Aim protocol.

This roadmap will teach you the theory behind what Dr.Teta teaches. It also comes conveniently as an audio file.

Everyone/women have a different hormonal type. So your unique hormonal type will determine what you need to do in order to lose weight.

Are women’s hormones different?

You can even take the quick hormone quiz here to find out what hormone type you are. Hormone types range from 1 to 6. Type 1 being the most overloaded whereas hormone type 6 being the least.

When I took the quiz I got hormone type 2. This mean my hormones are in “overload”. Common symptoms are cramps, bloating and exercise resistance and unpredictable flow. This is truthful for the most part as I have felt this way in the past.

My opinion on the roadmap is that it’s extremely useful to learn your body type and what you need to do.

It teaches you what time to eat and how to accelerate fat burning.

The quiz is super helpful too. Once you know your hormonal type, you can tailor your workouts and diet accordingly.

The 12-week metabolic meals plan

Metabolic meals plan

I like the 12-week program. Any program needs to be laid out with simple and practical recipes.

The 12-week program comes with the below features:

  • Shopping lists
  • Recipes
  • Meal plans
  • Customization options.

Metabolic meal plan follow the 3-2-1 diet. That means you can eat 3 meals in total. 2 of those meals consist of protein or veggies only. These 2 meals can also be substituted with shakes. The other 3rd meal can contain a small amount of starch.

Essentially it is a low carb diet. You get your nutrition and fill up from protein and healthy/low calorie carbs like veggies. By eating a low amount of calories you can lose weight.

What do I think of the recipes?

They are straight forward, easy to follow and don’t take too long to prepare either.

For example, take the “Blue berry eyeopener shake” which includes just blueberries, almond milk, chia seeds, and collard greens, stevia (optional), and protein powder.

Yum…Tasty. The recipes are all detailed in the meal plans and include customizable options.

meal plans week 1
Photo From Metabolic Renewal Program

You also get a better understanding of great metabolism-boosting foods too. It comes with a list of proteins, fats/oils, starches and vegetables to include in your diet.

Here is a quick snapshot of the type of protein, vegetables, fats and starches you can enjoy:

foods you can eat.

Transformation Tracker

The transformation tracker comes in the form of a booklet that you can download. The transformation tracker allows you to track the below three things –

  1. Mood
  2. Metabolism score- How optimized your metabolism is.
  3. Overall health and vitality
  4. Body Shape and weight
  5. Menopause

Tracking results is important in any path to success. I love how easy to input your scores and keep track as the weeks progress.

However, my two cents is to not to get too carried away by the tracking. Trust the process and don’t get annoyed if you didn’t lose the weight you wanted.

Tracking can definitely be overwhelming at first and tedious. So don’t get too disheartened by it.

Body Shaping bonuses

The bonus comes with a 5-minute body burning bonus to do 3 days a week.

I love the bonus as its super quick but intense enough to get a sweat. Essentially a mini version of HIIT. You do them until you can no longer and rest for as long as you want.

Short and brief workouts are much easier to do and keep your momentum high.

It can also be done anytime in the evening or in the morning since its only 5 minutes.

Exclusive Facebook Group

There is a private FB group. In there you can find lots of posts, and questions by fellow metabolic renewal members. If you get stuck you can ask for help or motivation. It’s great to achieve goals when you have a bunch of like-minded people supporting you.


  • 90 day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the program after 3 months can return
  • All in one program that has everything you need to lose weight. A progress tracker to workouts and diet program.
  • Program is very flexible in terms of the workouts you do. If you want to push yourself further you can limit rest and increase intensity.
  • Workouts can all be done from home. No special equipment of gym access.
  • Relatively affordable – metabolic renewal have discount.
  • Jade Teta is clearly a very passionate and encouraging instructor which can help give you motivation
  • Tailored to your specific body type and hormonal type.
  • Not a calorie counting meal plan. Will not leave you hungry. Shake in the morning and lunch is salad. Mix and match to vary up recipes.
  • Comes in audiobook, DVD, TV and online.
  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • Cheap. For under $40 it’s well worth the price.


  • Program is for people who are prepared for physical fitness. Older people can struggle to do some exercises.
  • Upsells: Metabolic renewal will try and upsell you. For example, upon signing up Dr Teta recommends protein supplements/fat burner products. You can opt-out.
  • Salesy: some of the not so good reviews come from people fed up with pressure tactics to sell:
  • Too much tracking in progress tracker. A newbie can be overwhelmed with tracking. My tip is to not care too much about tracking and follow roughly.

What are other people saying?

Generally, the reviews are positive.

The positive things that people did like where around simple enough diet, and practical exercises.

The customizable aspect of program is another thing customers loved. It’s specifically tailored to your hormone type and for women.

Also workouts can all be done depending on your level of expertise.

However, there are some negative reviews of metabolic renewal. A big concern was the numerous sales pitches Dr Jade Teta makes once you have already made the program. This can be extremely annoying!!!

Once you buy something you want it all there. However, there is recommended upsells and supplements /metabolism boosters, protein powder that he promotes.

For example, the spark metabolism booster.

Dr Jade Teta is a so-called doctor but he is also very much a salesperson. Hormonal types and using certain phrases are all in his interest to get you to buy.

However, the discounted price is only 37 bucks, is very cheap compared to other weight loss programs.

If you are over 50 and less nimble, doing exercises like burpees and high-intensity workouts might not be the right fit. It can be more difficult to complete if older.

However, it’s still tailored as you can choose the level you want and don’t have to work as intensely.

For example, choosing sets and resting when you feel like it.

What’s the difference between Renewal Diet and Regular Weight loss Advice?

  • Includes thermogenic Herbs and spices
  • Shakes for breakfast
  • Eating based on hormonal type
  • Food is still filling and won’t leave you starving
  • HIIT specific workouts to do at home or in gym.


Who Is This Program For?

I would say people who do not have gym access.

If you are into fitness hit the gym regularly, you will find it hard to stick to the workouts. You might want to increase intensity or get up under the weight.

The course is also designed for older people as its customizable in terms of level of effort. You won’t be dead by the end which can ruin motivation for some people.

However, if your older than 55 you might struggle. Asking you do burpees and HIIT might feel like a bit overkill. This was some of the complaints of the program. I’m 40 so I can manage.

Teta does recommend 3 times a day workout for your body. Make sure you have the discipline to set short 15 minute sessions 3 times a day.

Inevitably there will be times you only do 2 sessions or even one.

If you do one session make sure its at least 45 minutes long to get the full fat-burning effect from HIIT.

If you are on a restricted diet already, be aware you will be hungry. I suggest this program is for people who are not currently following a restrictive diet already.

My Personal Opinion. Metabolic Renewal Review.

My opinion is I did lose weight on this program. I also feel my hormones becoming more in balance too. This has resulted in more energy. I used to feel more tired and lethargic before.

My cravings for sugar have dramatically declined. The first 2 weeks were tough to have no sugar, but now the urge is not as strong. Especially when you know what’s in sugar and that it does absolutely nothing to your body.

The weight you lose is not going to be an “incredible transformation”. But I did lose a couple pounds spanning over 12 weeks. I believe I could have lost more if I followed the program religiously.

Also, I wasn’t doing any form of exercising prior to the program and was binging on unhealthy foods.

The one downside is Dr jade teta will try and upsell you. This is annoying as you want a program you can use right away without any annoying upsells and offers.

Also I don’t agree with taking metabolism-boosting pills. Just a personal preference as I don’t think their that great for your health.

The upsells did irritate me in the beginning. But there is the option to opt out.

For only $37 I believe it’s worth the price.

There are programs that charge over $100 out there, so metabolic renewal really is a steal.

I especially found the audio book helpful listening about what to do on my commute taking and picking up the kids from school.

They had a discount last time I checked here:

Where To Buy?

Before buying you might want to take the metabolic renewal quiz below.

Find Out Your Hormanal type


It will give you a good idea of your hormonal type.

You can buy the program from their main website:
Last time I checked they had an amazing Discount:

Over 50% Discount Off Metabolic Renewal


Cheaper Alternative.

If you would like a cheaper alternative I highly recommend checking out Metabolic Cooking.

I’ve cooked and prepared so many quick and tasty recipes using the program!

All of which speed up metabolism. For example, one of my favorite snacks has been Kale chips.

Kale chips

Diet is probably the most important aspect of losing weight. For me, I couldn’t be happier with the meals I’m cooking for my family and myself.

My thighs are becoming so much more defined and I’ve noticed my stomach fat start to diminish.

If you’re interested, I last bought the program through a special discount link.

Last Discount Off Metabolic Cooking



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