Steve Weatherford Metabolic Reset Review – Does It Work?

Thursday 28th March 2024

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Don’t you wish there was a way to reset all your unhealthy eating habits? 

Well, the 30-day Metabolic Reset Diet claims to do just that.

Made popular by the acclaimed American Football star Steve Weatherford, this diet claims to kickstart your body’s metabolism using a variety of methods. But what is metabolic reset, and does it work?

My Steve Weatherford Metabolic Reset Review will give you the answer.

What is Metabolism?


Let’s start with the basics – what is metabolism, and can it be reset? Our bodies are a sum of many different systems – that help us breathe, eat, digest and more. Each of these systems need the energy to function properly. 

Your metabolism is the process by which your body breaks down the food you eat into the energy. Someone with a high metabolism will burn fat quite quickly. 

However, those with lower metabolism will burn fat at a lower than average rate.

What Is The 30 Day Metabolic Reset Diet? 


The concept of a metabolic reset diet has been around for a long time, with a common central theme. It is this – by eating certain foods, restricting other food groups and exercising, you can trick your body into burning more calories and speeding up your metabolism.

This means you end up burning more calories, and losing weight faster. The 30 Day Metabolic Reset Diet also follows this concept, with a few tweaks. 


Who is Steve Weatherford? 


Let’s talk a little about the man behind the 30 Day metabolic reset diet – Steve Weatherford. 

Weatherford is a celebrated American Football player and a former New York Giants Punter. He has been called the ‘fittest player across the NFL’. After his extensive football career, Weatherford turned into a fitness coach. 

He claims to have used his personal experience and fitness journey to formulate the 30-day metabolic reset diet. He claims to have followed this diet to overcome a personal fitness slump and says he saw significant results, both in terms of weight loss, more energy, and a higher metabolic rate.  


Program Features


The 30 Day metabolic reset diet claims to speed up your metabolism, while enhancing your gut health, detoxifying your digestive system – resulting in weight loss. 


As the name suggests, this program is for a total of 30 days. Each day has a different meal plan and exercise routine, depending on what your body needs at that point to kickstart its metabolism. 

Calorie deficit

The program is designed to keep your body in a calorie deficit – which means you burn more calories than are required to maintain your current weight. This results in weight loss. This results in weight and fat loss.

Carb cycling

The plan has pre-decided and measured meals that have a certain fixed amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Through the diet, you will go through days of eating low, medium and high carbohydrates – a process called carb cycling. This is done to keep your body’s metabolism hight, and to prevent the weight loss from plateauing.


The diet also recommends you take a number of health supplements on a daily basis. Some of these help supply your body with nutrients – like Vitamin D, fish oil and probiotic supplements. On the other hand, other supplements like fat burners, BCAAs and Glutamine have been recommended to help you during high-intensity workouts, and preserve your muscle mass.

Hulk Juice

 It also includes the recipe for what is called ‘hulk juice’,. It is basically a concoction of fruits and vegetables that acts as a full meal on some days, and a supplement/snack on others throughout the program. The ‘hulk juice’ is a blend of kale, spinach, apple, banana and more.


The plan also includes a series of high-intensity interval training videos (HIIT). You are expected to do at least 20-30 minutes of exercise every day. HIIT is a type of workout that, when done right, burns a lot of calories in a short duration of time. This happens by doing a burst of intense exercise for a few minutes, followed by a short duration of rest, before going back in again. HIIT is quite efficient at burning fat in a short period of time, so its inclusion in this diet makes sense.

Other tips

 The diet asks you to have loads of water, as a healthy intake of water is said to boost metabolism. It also asks you to completely avoid alcohol, as they are empty calories with little to no nutritional value.


Pros of the 30-day metabolic reset diet

So, knowing what we know about the diet so far, does it seem worth it? Let’s see what features of the Weatherford metabolic reset diet work in its favor:


  • Short duration: The fact that this program is only for 30 days may motivate people to try it out. It could be used as a way to kickstart one’s fitness journey, that can be carried on after this diet in a more long-term, sustainable way. 
  • Quick results: Though this diet appears to be restrictive and intense, it claims to produce significant weight loss results quickly. 
  • Regular exercise: By incorporating intense exercises like HIIT in the program, it keeps you physically active throughout the 30 days. Regular exercise is a crucial component to boosting your weight loss and overall metabolism, so you can’t go wrong with adding some exercise to your routine. 

Cons of the 30-day metabolic reset diet


The pitfalls of a short-term diet plan are easy to fall into. Here are the things that may not work for the people following the program:

  • Short-term results: The problem with a short-term weight loss program is that, while it temporarily gives you weight loss results, it is easy to gain that weight back once you’re off the diet. This is because your body goes through an extreme routine of cutting back on certain food groups, which is not sustainable in the long run. 

This may lead to yo-yoing – you may end up gaining back the weight you lost once you stop following the program. 

  • Less variety/ plain recipes: The meal plans in this diet have a list of measured meals that are not necessarily flavorsome or varied. This puts one in the danger of getting bored with the meals and makes your mind wander to more delicious pastures. 
  • Supplements: While fish oil, vitamin D and probiotic supplements can aid your diet, other supplements like fat burners are not good for your system. They can affect your body’s natural ability to metabolize foods. In addition, they may lead to side effects such as high blood pressure, nausea, headaches and more. 
  • Restrictive: If I tell myself – “don’t think of an elephant” – all I end up imagining is a picture of an elephant. That’s often how extreme food restriction works. Denying yourself certain foods for long periods can make you feel psychologically deprived of happiness.  Eventually, it can lead to a binging spree where you don’t know when to stop. 
  • Tedious: Constantly having to make sure your body is under your fat burning zone can be tiring. Even when out jogging, tracking your heart beats per minute feels like your becoming a robot.


What are other people saying?


If you look up the reviews of the Weatherford metabolic reset diet, you will find mixed reactions. While the diet has helped some people lose weight fast, its restrictive and short-term nature has led others to give up midway. 

The Weatherford diet appears to be the one that may work if you’re already somewhat physically fit. It may give you some new ideas to incorporate into working out or dieting.

However, for those that are just beginning their fitness and weight loss journey, a more holistic approach to nutrition and their lifestyle is a better idea. 

What’s the difference between Reset Diet and a Regular Diet?


A reset diet is what it sounds like – like a reset button on your routine. Designed to kickstart your metabolism, and rid you of any unhealthy snacking habits, reset diets claim to work by initially restricting the kind of food you can eat, and slowly adding them back through the course of weeks, or months.

The goal is to spike your metabolic rate and turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

On the other hand, regular diets are not as restrictive. 

They involve increasing or decreasing one food group over another. The times when you hear your friends say they are going to remove sugar from their diet is more of a regular diet.

Weatherford’s Metabolic reset diet is more niche but also more effective. It’s more effective as your combining carb restricting with high-intensity workouts.


My Opinion


Weatherford’s program is perfect for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have a gym membership
  • Regularly Workout
  • Motivated, disciplined and very passionate about health and fitness.
  • Have plenty of time on your hands.

However, if you are just starting out and looking for a longer-term, holistic approach to weight loss, I don’t recommend the program.

Why I Don’t Recommend For Ordinary People?

For ordinary people, consistently following the program for 30 days straight may be very difficult. 

You also have to be prepared for constantly tracking your fat-burning state and counting calories. At times you may feel like a professional bodybuilder.

Long-term and sustainable weight loss can still be achieved without the need for constant tracking and extreme calorie restriction.  

True, it may take you longer to achieve your goal weight, but the weight you lose will stay off in the long run!

This can be done by incorporating a healthy dose of exercise into your routine, and adding whole foods in your diet, along with more vegetables, fruits, and even the occasional dessert (to stay sane!). 

Do you feel satiated after your meals, or deprived? Does your diet provide you with enough energy to go about your day? How much physical activity you do on a daily basis?

All these questions are crucial and must be addressed to your satisfaction when you’re trying to decide the fitness plan that works for you.

Metabolic Cooking – A more holistic alternative to fat loss?


I’ve done my fair share of research when it comes to diets and meal plans. While most diets start off well, I find myself dropping off because of their restrictive nature. I stumbled upon the concept of ‘metabolic cooking’ recently, and have been impressed by the results.

Metabolic cooking is about using ingredients (vegetables, grains etc)  that naturally speed up your metabolism and fat loss.

It differs from other approaches that put too much focus on low-calorie foods that leave you feeling hungry after eating.

 The program doesn’t ask you to cut out entire food groups, and instead, suggest a number of recipes that keep you from getting bored with your food.

Take this quinoa burrito bowl that I tried. It was yum, and my partner enjoyed it too!

quinoa burrito bowl

Cheaper options?


Metabolic cooking is pretty cheap and I didn’t spend over $15, which is very affordable.

Last time I checked their homepage there was a 50% discount offer running. It will also give you insight into how the concept of metabolic cooking works. 

Denying complete food groups, in the long run, doesn’t work well and makes one feel deprived and prone to binging. 

Having a more holistic view of nutrition and fitness is needed for a long term and sustainable weight loss. Using whole grains, vegetables, fruits in your diet and having a regular exercise routine is a great idea to kickstart one’s fitness journey. 

Drinking plenty of water and keeping a regular sleep schedule also help your body stay healthy. Metabolic Reset is too short-term for me. Changes that can last months and years on end are what motivate me. 

After all, fitness is not a 30-day finish line, it is a lifelong journey!



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