Top 5 Superbeets Alternatives

Monday 13th May 2024

Although I always try to eat healthy, beets just are not my favorite food. I have tried them every which way from simmered to roasted — and even mixed them in with other foods in hopes of tricking my tastebuds. Nevertheless, their earthy, bitter flavor always danced across my tongue, mocking my attempts.

Unfortunately for me, I could not just give up on beets since I needed their magic on my side. A history of high blood pressure, the need to boost my physical fitness, and an overall focus on improving wellness all brought me back to beets time and time again.

Thankfully, I spotted Superbeets nutritional supplements and finally saw a solution, but the price sent me looking for an alternative. There are many great cheap Superbeets alternatives on the market, however, giving me – and you – a chance to enjoy their nutrients without having to learn to love their flavor.

What to Look for in Superbeets Alternatives

Like all nutritional supplements, Superbeets alternatives are not made equal. So, you cannot just grab one off the shelf and hope for the best results. Instead, it is important to look at their ingredients list and other key characteristics to find the ones that might work best for your needs. Need help figuring out what to look for? Take a peek at this section to see what matters most.

Organic Beet Root Powder

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Since the best alternative to Superbeets is all about the beets, that fantastic root vegetable should always be at the top of the ingredients list. Beyond that, the beets should be grown using organic practices to keep pesticides and other toxins out of the mix.

As long as organic beet root powder is at the top of the list, it does not matter if you get an extract or plain powder. The extract is typically made using cold-pressed beet juice that is thoroughly dehydrated into a powder. The plain beet powder, on the other hand, comes from whole raw beets that are ground into a pulp and dehydrated.

Either option produces a fine powder that can be hydrated to drink as juice if you can swing it. If you are like me and simply do not love the taste, you can also mix the powder into a fruit and veggie smoothie instead. If even that does not sound palpable, get the capsules or chews instead for a quick one-two punch of beet power.

Positive Reviews

When made using organic beet root powder, Superbeets alternatives all tend to have the same nutrient breakdown. So, the best way to make sure you are getting a great product is by looking at the reviews.

The product should have an overwhelming number of positive reviews that highlight its effects. If the reviews offer evidence of its excellent impact on physical fitness, cardiovascular health, and the like, then even better.

Watch out for negative reviewers that mark down the stars due to the powerful taste of the beet powder. The earthy, bitter flavor of beets is not for everyone, after all, so it’s not really a fair reason to mark it down.

Reasonable Price

While likely quite good, Superbeets products are prohibitively expensive. Many companies producing alternatives know this and will try to price their products competitively.

To avoid spending too much, look at how much product is included in the package and compare it to the serving size. Then, use that data to determine how long it might last to best compare the value of each product.

Resist the urge to just go with a cheap Superbeets alternative that will save you money in the long run. You want to also get a product made with real organic beet root powder to get the desired effects as well.

When you take all these things into consideration, you will likely find it easier than ever to find the best sugar free alternative to Superbeets. If you would like a little extra help with the product selection process, take a peek at all the excellent alternatives listed below.

Best Superbeets Alternative for Excellent Workouts

Triquetra Health BioBeet Juice
as of May 13, 2024 4:59 pm

BioBeet Juice by Triquetra Health is a 20 to 1 concentrate that amplifies the power of its central root vegetable. They make this formula by cold-pressing USA-grown organic beets, and then drying out the juice using their innovative CO2 BioActive Dehydration process.

The resulting powder is full of nutrients and enzymes that promise to supercharge your workouts. The high nitrate and betalains concentrations are especially beneficial when you need to squeeze out every last bit of strength and stamina to hit your fitness goals.

Each jar contains up to 30 USDA Organic beets, which is far more than the three to four beets required to make other products. The only other ingredient is a small amount of the natural trace mineral, silica, to help reduce clumping.

Each 5.3-ounce jar offers 50 servings that promise to last at least a month when taken daily. To use, you just have to measure out one to two teaspoons of powder, add it to water, and drink up. If you prefer a little more flavor, you can add it to juice or a smoothie instead.

Pros and Cons

As with all Superbeets alternatives, BioBeet Juice gives your body the nutrients needed for better energy production, endurance, and circulation. Thanks to their specialized extraction and dehydration practices, this powder quickly rehydrates in your liquid of choice and provides the boost you need in an instant.

That process also produces a beet powder that is super strong in flavor, which is not great news for those who do not love to eat beets. In addition, you do need to use it up rather quickly or the powder forms a hard cake that sticks to the bottom of the container. Fortunately, it works so well that it’s easy to use up fast.

Best Superbeets Alternative for Cardiovascular Health

Nature Fuel Power Beets Circulation Superfood

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Nature Fuel Power Beets Circulation Superfood is not only great for your heart health, but it’s a dream for those who really do not like the taste of beets. Their Acai Berry Pomegranate dietary supplement powder helps dilute the earthy beet flavor to create a truly enjoyable combination. The fruity mixture does not even contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners, making it one of the best sugar free alternatives to Superbeets.

Each dose promises to help relax the blood vessels to assist in regulating blood pressure and boosting your overall cardiovascular health. Beyond that, it features tons of nitric oxide to help improve your fitness activities, which can further benefit your heart and overall sense of wellness.

Although they do not disclose their manufacturing processes, Nature Fuel does claim that their powder is concentrated, shoving up to six large organic beets into every jar. Each 11.6-ounce container offers 60 servings to stretch your money while ensuring you get the results you seek.

Pros and Cons

Power Beets powder easily mixes into water or juice. But the best way to enjoy it is blending up a serving with a handful of ice and a couple ounces of juice to create a smoothie. Either way, the mixture doesn’t have any clumps or a strong beet flavor, making it easy to drink down each day.

When taken daily, this nutritional supplement noticeably improves energy and helps people feel great. The blood pressure regulation and heart health benefits are obvious as well, especially when paired with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Since the powder can settle during shipment, the container looks somewhat empty upon arrival. Despite that, it really does contain 60 servings when you use the scoop to measure out each one.

Best Superbeets Alternative for Low Energy

Viva Deo PureBeets Organic Beet Root Powder
as of May 13, 2024 4:59 pm

When you need to increase your energy in amazing ways, look no further than Viva Deo PureBeets Organic Beet Root Powder. Made using certified organic beets, this powder helps rev up energy fast, often serving as a pre-workout drink.

Just mix it with water, juice, or even your food and enjoy it 30 minutes before starting your exercise routine. You’re sure to notice increased strength and stamina that helps you push past your personal records right away.

They keep their exact manufacturing process close to their vest, but they do share that their efforts produce a powder that leaves the earthy taste of beets behind. Instead, it just adds a bit of sweetness and a phenomenal red tint to whatever you pour it in.

Their 1.1-pound jar provides an awesome 78 servings, keeping this beet root powder by your side for around two months before having to restock. You can use one to two scoops, depending on your fitness needs, which mixes up easily in eight ounces of liquid.

Pros and Cons

From the first taste, this beet root powder provides an obvious energy boost that lasts through a long workout and well beyond. Many people find that it aids their weight loss efforts and helps them get through the day without losing steam.

Since it’s mostly made from pure organic beet root powder, the tiny bit of silica added doesn’t always reduce clumping enough. You can help by keeping it in a cool, dry place at all times. If you forget and leave it out on the kitchen counter, you could come back to see big clumps instead of fine powder.

Best Superbeets Alternative for a Limited Budget Beet Root Powder

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To get the most for your money, it just makes sense to look to Beet Root Powder as your top choice. Known for their bulk nutritional supplements, this company always aims to provide the best value without compromising on product quality. And their beet root powder is no exception.

They make it accessible to all by offering their organic powder in several sizes, ranging from 3.52 to 35.27 ounces. You can even buy the largest size in a multi-pack to keep more money in your pocket through the year. No matter which one you choose, the beet powder promises to help boost your energy, support your cardiovascular health, and promote overall wellness.

Like many of the other manufacturers, they keep their production practices under wraps, but you can tell it is super concentrated by the serving size. You just need one half of a tablespoon to get 3,500 milligrams of beets.

Pros and Cons

With on your side, you do not have to dish out the big bucks to put beet root powder on the menu each and every day. You can just tuck your stash away in a cool, dry place and trust that it’ll be ready to use when you’re up for another taste.

While their beets are wholly effective in supporting your fitness goals and overall health, their flavor is wholly apparent in this powder. It doesn’t matter what you mix it in. You’re going to taste beets through and through.

If you want to embrace the earthy flavors, try to put it in a warm bone broth for an extra dose of nutritional support. Otherwise, just throw it in water and drink it down fast to get the benefits on your side without all the fanfare.

Best Superbeets Alternative for Busy Days

Toniiq Ultra High Strength Beet Root Capsules
as of May 13, 2024 4:59 pm

When you are chronically short on time, but desperately need that boost of go-go-go, get yourself Toniiq Ultra High Strength Beet Root Capsules. Instead of having to measure out your ideal serving, add it to your liquid of choice, and drink it all down, you can just take two capsules a day before you hit the road.

Since they use a high-potency organic beet root extract, their formulas boasts four times the nitrates and nutrients found in similar nutritional supplements. With all those nitrates and other nutrients, you can enjoy extra energy and endurance to increase the effectiveness of every workout.

To make sure that you get the perfect amount of beet root power in every capsule, they lab test every batch before sending it all out. Their lab testing verifies the purity of their beet root powder and confirms that each capsule contains 1,400 milligrams of beets.

Pros and Cons

Beet root capsules by Toniiq are endlessly convenient and easy to use. But since the container only contains 120 capsules, it only lasts up to two months before you have to buy more.

And although the easy to take capsules promise to save you a lot of time, they also leave you without the need to get creative with your beet juice concoctions. You won’t get to supercharge your smoothies or other pre-workout drinks, perhaps eliminating an important step in your exercise routine.

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