What Type Of Fat Burner Am I?

Wednesday 20th March 2024

If you’re reading this post you most likely know about Johnny Bowden’s metabolic factor and are wondering what fat burner type you are.

Jonny Bowden breaks down fat burning into 4 different levels which I will discuss below:

  • Level 1
  • Level2
  • Level3
  • Level4

However, there are also additional ways of looking at a person’s fat burning level.

  1. Analysing a persons body type
  2. Splitting them into the category of carb/sugar burner or Fat burner

Your body type will reflect on your fat burning level. If your slight of frame you will naturally have an easier time burning fat over someone built more heavyset.

Whether or not your diet is geared towards fat burning or carb burning will also determine what level you fall into. Some people diets are naturally more carb heavy which puts them into the carb burner category.

On the flip side some people are more fat burners due to having a diet low in carbs and high in protein and healthy fats.

Let’s find out what level you are at and investigate the suitable diets and workouts that are customised to your body.

Fat burner body types.  

different body types

Women and men can be categorised into three body types (skinny, muscular, and fat). The scientific categorisations are below:

  • Ectomorph
  • Mesomorph
  • Endomorph

No one fits exactly perfectly into these body types. A person could be over weight but also have some mesomorphic characteristics with muscle definition in certain areas. For example, endomorphs may contain fat around the abdomen but also contain muscular toned arms.

Everybody normally contains a mix of the three.

Although you may feel like a fat endomorph you can definitely sculpt and change your body how you please. Its all in the mind. Incredible body transformations are real and can happen.


ectomorph woman

Ectomorph’s are literally skinny body types. Thin arms and legs. Less dense bones, and smaller waist and hips, narrow at the shoulders.

You can either be skinny athletic or just plain skinny. With a skinny athletic build you carry a bit of muscle, whereas if your solely a ectomorph you look scrawny, weak and frail. Ectomorphs burn fat very fast and have a higher than average metabolism.

That’s why if you go to gym and try and gain muscle or weight as an ectomorph you will struggle to gain any mass or weight.

Having said this, Ectomorphs are the envy of most people. It’s a blessing to be able to eat what you want when you want and not worry too much about weight gain.

However, life can also be tough being an ectomorph, especially if you’re a guy. If you want to get bigger and become muscular its more difficult.

For a women, you may envy the hour glass curves that thicker women have that you were not blessed with.

Here are some quick features of ectomorphs:

  • Normally not as hungry as other body types
  • High metabolism means frequent visits to toilet.
  • Smaller bone density
  • Longer limbs

Fat burning and Diet advice for ecto’s:

A majority of ectomorphs don’t want to lose weight but gain weight.

A diet in lots of carbs is a must with a high amount of protein to fuel muscle building if the goal is to gain weight and look toned.

The macro split for a ectomorph should be focused around Protein, carbs and healthy fats , fruits and veggies. Adding in a dropdown weight exercise routine and small amount of cardio is all a ectomorph needs to lose any lose fat around their bodies and get toned up.

If your focus is to gain lots of weight then a diet with plenty of carbs like sweet potatoes, potatoes, white rice, pasta, and brown rice should help you gain a couple of kilos. Protein from fishes like salmon, makarel can provide the healthy fats.

Avoiding cardio is key for ectomorphs who want to gain weight. Incorporate powerful compound exercises involving heavy weight and drop downs sets to failure to build strong dense muscle.

Example of female ectomorphs: 

Jessica Alba, Kate moss, Cameron Diaz, Whitney Houston. Denise Richards, Ariane Grande.

Example male ectomorphs:

David Beckham, Edward Norton, Snoop Dogg, Whiz khalifa,


mesomorph - womam

The envy of most people, especially men is to be mesomorph. Always think of meso as standing for muscle. People leaning towards this physique tend to have more muscle than ordinary folk.

They respond well to lifting weights due to their naturally higher levels of testosterone.

The male body type of a mesomorph is a square head, broad chest, wide shoulders, and a minimal amount of body fat.

For females, mesomorphs are determined, assertive, and bold. Similarly, they have a square type build with more accentuated curves than ectomorphs.

Female mesomorphs have wider shoulders, some curves and a boxier complexion than the female endomorph. Fat is distributed more evenly throughout the body.

Their bone structure is larger and thicker than ectomorphs but not as large as endomorphs. Muscles tend to be denser and thickest on Mesomorphs.

Women with mesomorph characteristics:

Michell Rodriques, Jillain Michaels, Janet Jackson, Kate Hudson.

Metabolism level?

Metabolism is not as fast as ectomorphs but faster than endomorphs.

Fat burning tips and gym goals 

If you are mesomorph you shouldn’t have much body fat so any form of weight loss will show quickly. Considering they respond well to weight a mesomorph diet should contain a moderate level of carbohydrate.

The general rule is 1/3 protein, 1/3 carbs, and then one third fruit and vegetables.

A high level of carbs is needed to sustain naturally higher amounts of muscle mass on the body.

Mesomorphs can lose weight very quickly when consuming lots of protein and lesser amounts of carbs.

However, on the same token they can gain weight just as much if they are not careful. High amounts of carbs and sugar will mean rapid increase in weight.


  • Find it easier than most to burn fat due to the muscle.
  • Diet split equally into thirds between carbs, protein, and veggies
  • Dense bones
  • Gain muscle easily


Kim endomorph

Endomorphs, are people with a higher percentage of body fat compared to others. If your reading this article your likely an endomorph or will start to become one at some stage in your life as you get older.

For females, endomorphs normally have round curvier bodies with thicker physiques. More fat tends to hang off the bones and accumulate in the stomach, thighs, and hips. Endomorphs also tend to have shorter and smaller limbs.

Think of pear shaped for a woman and rounder fuller body types for a man.

Generally, most woman are unhappy to be endomorphs especially with the ease at which they can gain weight. However, it is also a blessing in disguise. Having curves is very natural and feminine trait among woman.

Believe it or not having curves is very attractive to the opposite sex. Curves have been in fashion since late 2000’s and is ultimately the most feminine body you can have. This is a great change from the 1990’s where the skinny model look to over the fashion industry and became mainstream.

For male endomorphs, similarly fat is stored more in the stomach and hip area and around other parts of the body.

The body composition is primarily fat rather than muscle.The structure of a male endomorph tends to be more blocky and square, without the definition of a mesomorph.

All endomorphs find it easy to gain weight.

Famous Endomorphs?

Jonah hill, Walter Sobchak, Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe (post gladiator)

Famous female endomorphs

Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kate Winslet and Nigella Lawson.

 Lose weight easily?

 Endomorphs tend to find it harder to lose weight. The more they eat the more fat they gain. Unlike ectomorphs who are at the opposite end and burn fat really easily.

 Fat burning diet

Endomorphs need to be more conscious how many carbs they put into diet. Carbs are quickly converted to sugar where they remain as fat reserves.

Endomorphs have a higher risk of heart attack, diabetes, infertility and depression. However, all this is to do with having a unhealthy amount of fat in the body. This can all be stopped with a great diet and some exercise.

Endomorphs should avoid bad carbs. Carbs can still be eaten but they need to come in the form of veggies and fruits. Sweet potato and brown rice for starchy foods. Any white grain sources are bad for endomorphs. Avoid white bread, pasta, pizza..,you get the idea.

Higher amounts of protein. I would say around majority of diet should be around eating protein and the rest veggies and a smaller percentage of carbs. Healthy fats from fish and avocado included. These can be obtained through foods like salmon and avocado. Fish and oils.

Weight training and exercise?

Cardio will be very important for endomorphs. The more you can get your heart pumping the more you can put your body into fat burning mode.

This is why incorporating a HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) workout will do wonders for losing fat.

Lifting weight will also tone up and build out your physique while also increasing your metabolic rate. With more muscle you body will naturally need more energy to send to those muscles which can increase your metabolic rate.

Johnny Bowden’s Fat Burning Levels

 Your body type has a huge say on what fat burning type you are. I’m sure by reading this article you already know roughly what body type you fall into.

Proof is in the pudding, and your body does not lie when it comes to revealing how much fat you carry.  To expand on fat burning body types, Jonny Bowden details 4 fat burning levels that you can fall into.

Jonny Bowden’s levels are are based off of the metabolically active tissue in your body. The MAT is the rate at which your tissues burn fat for energy. The scale ranges ranges from level 1 having the lowest MAT, where level 4 have the highest MAT and burn fat the quickest.

 Level 1 Fat Burner

 Level 1 fat burners will generally have endomorphic body types. Cravings are high for sugary foods and carby snacks. Your mood also fluctuates frequently and is largely influenced by sudden spikes when you have sugar and drops when you are not eating.

Essentially Level 1 fat burners burn the least fat. They contain lots of inactive MAT (metabolically active tissue) that is not sufficiently utilised throughout the day and night.

Appetite and hunger pans for level 1 fat burners are normally on high gear through out the day.

Core traits:

  • High cravings for sugar
  • Volatile mood fluctuations
  • Lots of fat on the body
  • Low metabolism
  • Ineffective use of MAT (metabolically active tissue).

Level 2 Fat Burner

 Level 2 fat burners gain weight relatively easily and struggle to keep it off. Weight collects more around abdomen and belly area just like level 1 fat burners.

 Level 2’s have what you call stubborn pocket fat. Pocket fat is fat that builds up in annoying places like the neck, abdomen, thighs, hips, face and cheeks.

They tend to lean towards an endomorphic body type and have a high level of inactive MAT.

Core characteristics:

  • Develop stubborn fat on the body that cannot be lost easily
  • Collect fat around stomach, face, arms, legs and neck area
  • At risk of becoming a level1 fat burner.

Level 3 Fat Burner

In the middle area when it comes to fat burning are level 3’s. You may have been a level 4 fat burner but have gone to level 3 as you have gotten older and you MAT has slowed down.

You can gain weight if you binge and are not careful. However you can also burn it off easily by eating right foods and exercising.

Core traits of Level 3 fat burners:

  • Similar to your mesomorphic body type
  • Stable metabolism.
  • Can gain weight but can easily lose weight too.

Level 4 fat burner

Here are some core traits of level 4 fat burners:

  • Stable mood
  • Have Cravings for sugary foods and snacks but not on level of level 1.
  • Body burns fat quickly.
  • High metabolism
  • Hard to gain weight

Levels 4’s would follow off of the ectomorph type of body naturally. Cells are accustomed to burning fat. MAT is efficiently being used.

Any weight gain can be burnt off very quickly.

The general rule is as level 4 fat burners get older or don’t exercise, they will become level 3 fat burners.

Carb burner or fat burner

 What is the difference?

Along with different levels of fat burning, the type of fat your burn is also very important in knowing where you stand when it comes to dropping weight. You can either be a fat burner or a carb burner. Carb burners literally burn carbs for fuel while fat burners burn fat.

You’re a carb burner if you experience the below characteristics.

  • If you don’t eat carbs for a couple hours you feel a lack of energy, or dizziness.
  • Dieting results in minimal weight loss where pockets of fat seem to stay on the body
  • You have sudden urges for sugar or for starchy foods

When carbs are turned into sugar, glucose is used for energy. The sudden spikes in sugar result in the release of insulin to regulate your blood sugar. This is why if you’re a carb burner you can experience sharp mood swings, cravings and lack of energy at certain times of the day.

Your hormones are out of sync and your body is not used to not burning carbs.

Fat burners on the other hand burn fat stored in their body. Whereas carb burners will find it more difficult to lose weight fat burners will find it much easier.

Fat burners consume a diet higher in healthy fats and eat a minimal amount of starchy foods. The majority of carbs that they do eat come from eating veggies and fruits, who healthy whole grains.

This results in a blood sugar level that is more stable. Consequently, sudden sugar cravings and mood swings is lower.

What to do if I am a slow fat burner?

By now you should have some idea what level fat burner you are.

 You’re probably reading this if you are a level 2 fat burner, endomorph, and have a harder time using fat for energy.

I did give some tips above on diet and workouts you should be doing if you fit a certain body type.

Jonny Bowden also gives some tips like removing sunflower oil, bbq sauce, and sweeteners from your diet.

However, he only scratches the surface when it comes to creating great recipes which is the real secret.

The most important change you should focus is changing your diet to one that burns fat over carbs.

Diet is absolutely crucial when it comes to transforming your body and losing weight. A

healthy diet can also help you feel happy, energized, and slim.

My Solution

metabolic foods

After my findings about metabolic factor, I was on the hunt for a life-changing diet.

I came across an amazing book that I knew would go one step further than metabolic factor. This book has transformed my beliefs about food. It is now my no 1 recommendation to my friends and anyone who would like to lose weight.

I never knew just how powerful and life-changing a great diet can be.

Karine Losier really does a great job in giving you ideas and recipes for a lifetime. Her plan and secret cooking tips really do make a difference! Especially food re-cycling and the nutri-profile.

Since taking metabolic cooking I have seen great results mentally and physically. I haven’t gone from level 4 to 1 over night but I feel and see my body changing.

My family also love the recipes which is a super time saver.

If you would like thoughts on metabolic factor check out this article here.

Just go for it! 🙂 Wishing you all the success.

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