Isagenix vs Shakeology

Friday 16th February 2024

Lets talk about Isagenix and Shakeology and how both these shakes compare to one another in regards to nutrition, business models, price, and taste. If your in a rush the short answer will surprise you. I definitely don’t recommend taking either Shakeology or Isagenix.

This article is LONG. I go into depth why I don’t think Isagenix or shakeology are great shakes and recommend proven alternatives. If you want to find the best meal replacement shakes then skip to my recommended alternatives .

Not only will it help you with your future purchases but it can help you save some money.

Isagenix vs Shakeology

My story starts when I was browsing a message board on Two members were talking about Isagenix vs Shakeology.

They were debating which shake to buy. What surprised me was the amount of mis-informed information they were throwing at each other.

I remember one of the girls saying shakeology works out to be a very affordable shake. The other was saying Isagenix is cheaper and has less sugar! These two certainly had not done a thorough research into both shakes.

However, I do not blame them as lots of the “positive” reviews for Isagenix and Shakeology are promoters or “coaches” who only care about making a commission. In terms of getting reliable, and honest information it can be very difficult.

What annoys me is that some of these companies are really good at tricking customers into thinking their products are best on the market when they are not.

In fact in the case of Isagenix…It is quite the opposite.

Not are they pricing you out of a good deal but they are not the healthiest shakes to be eating as a replacement for a nutrional meal. Let me explain below.

Isagenix – The hidden background of Isagenix…

Out of curiosity I always like to look at the company first to understand their background and what motivated them to produce a health shake. Also If I find a bad record with the products they promote then I can cut out all hope of purchasing from them.

Isagenix is a company that produces a wide range of health products ranging from meal replacement shakes to anti-ageing products.

What I initially liked about the company biography is that they work with research groups and universities to backup their products with scientific research into their benefit.

Subsequently, my first reaction was positive. I got the feeling its not like the company is throwing mud against a wall and hoping something will stick. They do try and pride themselves on results that work and are proven by science.

However, this initial positive reaction quickly faded when I did some deeper research into Isagenix.

What I found might surprise you….

Isagenix credibility in my eyes is damaged when they are backed by a huge MLM scheme. Just like shakeology Isagenix business model and ways of promoting their shakes is through a multi-level marketing solution.

Why I don’t like MLM business Models!….


MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) businesses are never in the customer’s best interest.  MLM works by having others promote a product for you with each affiliate being able to recruit their own sub group of affiliates.

This is why MLM businesses are also known as pyramid schemes. The more affiliates you recruit the more commission that can be made.

The downside to this business model is reviews can be faked and manipulated. For example, there are tons of reviews saying that Isagenix is the best shake on the market when in actual fact it is not.

Tons of “reps” and affiliates promote Isagenix all because they are part of the pyramid scheme for Isagenix and get a nice little commission every time someone purchases the product.

The more products they sell and the more people they can get selling their product in their tier the more money they get.

Subsequently, the consumers interest is not at heart…

Recruiting as many affiliates as they can to expand their pyramid of affiliates is what runs the business. This is why experts say MLM business models promote get rich schemes.

I don’t see a dam positive review on the internet praising MLM schemes. The only people I see singing the praises is the people making money off other people.

MLM schemes also tend to hype up their product distorting any true claims for that product. This in my view is unhealthy especially in the area of nutrition where people’s health and lifestyles are at risk.

On the Isagenix company website you can clearly see them say

“They Understand what its like to build a network marketing business.”

Isagenix openly say they are not a health and nutrition business but a network marketing business.

Network marketing businesses are geared towards recruiting people rather than customers. Just because a business has many people doesn’t make it good business. The product still has to live up to all its marketing exploits…which it does not!

Also thanks to ethan vanderbuilt you have to check the slick messaging on their company website that goes along the lines.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

Now this takes away the credibility of the claim that Isagenix is backed by scientific research and clinical university studies. As with anything I wouldn’t trust all the claims that they make.

I would like to find some of this “scientific research” on their site if they claim, however, I am able to find none…

The statement above and the fact that this companies business model is a MLM scheme just makes it all the more clear.

MLM lead to Inflated Prices for consumer

Remember with MLM’s price of the product also goes up to pay the affiliates. So price has increased at no actual benefit to the consumer but more for their buyers which in my mind is not good!

In summary MLM put their affiliates and sales people first over the customer which in my mind is completely the wrong way to run a effective business.


Ingredients in Isagenix

Isalean-Shake 2

Why I definitely am never going to BUY Isagenix! (Sugar CONTENT IS FREAKING HIGH)

 For those who don’t know my struggle with psoriasis…sugar almost always causes a flare up!  The High sugar content is horrendous in Isagenix. My rule is to try and stick to shakes with sugar content 3 or below. However, Isalean shake from Isagenix has 11 grams of sugar! – which is just too much for something that claims to be healthy.

Two meal replacements a day will equal 22 grams of sugar. That is nearly over your daily sugar  in-take in just two shakes!

Fructose – A dangerous form of sugar…?

Even worse the sugar content in Isagenix is made up of Fructose. Fructose is sugar found in fruit. Fructose is intelf is not unhealthy. However, too much fructose can be very damaging on your liver.

This is because normal sugar like gluclose is metabolised differently from fructose. Fructose goes straight to the liver while glucose does not. Gluclose on the otherhand can be used by every cell in the body.

Pediatric professor Robert Lustig likes to describe Fructose as –  “Alcohol Without the Buzz


Too much synthetic vitamins in these products!

Synthetics??…essentially synthetic vitamins are processed and fake vitamins that are not derived from natural sources but are conjured up in a twisted phychotic lab.

For example, take Vitamin B2 Riboflavin and Vitamin B1 Thiamine all included in isagenix. These are all synthetic versions of vitamins.

Majority of the time consuming a small amount of synthetic vitamins is not going to cause you to die. However, I believe the damage is done over time.

Too much synthetic vitamins can cause:

  • Liver defects
  • Liver toxicity
  • Cancer

In summary try and avoid products high in synthetic vitamins. Its simply not worth the risk to your health.

Isagenix also contains folic acid. Folic acid is generally considered as being a safe ingredient found in fruit and greens.

However, this shouldn’t prevent us from exploring potential side effects.

According to the telegraph folic has been linked ito cancer, specifically, breast, bowel, and prostrate cancer.

Its important to remember that folic acid is not natural. Folic acid is produced in a lab while folate is the natural substance derived from natural organic foods.

I would say the price of Isagenix is on the expensive  end of the market. Last time I checked the price was $58. Now I don’t mind spending a little bit more money on a quality shake.

However, taking all the factors relating to high sugar content, processed milk/protein and the fact the company is based on a MLM model, I would not pay the price.

For the small tub you get I would definitely feel like I’m getting ripped off.

Remember with MLM’s price of the product also goes up to pay the affiliates. So price has increased at no actual benefit to the consumer but more for their buyers which in my mind is not good!


Milk protein?…. Still not the best guys and gals.

The protein source is derived from a milk protein concentrate. The protein source makes up 48% of the drink.

In the words of “dietsreview this is a “Milk Protein ConcentrateA 40 to 90% protein by weight milk extract that is spray dried and processed.”

Essentially this a cheap and easy way of making protein. If I’m paying the expensive price to buy Isagenix I expect a decent amount of high quality ingredients. This protein source does NOT tick that bill!

I don’t bash whey protein but coming from a milk concentrate solution that is not free from soy or gluten is not really an ideal shake to act a meal replacement for me personally.


So called Natural Flavors


Most ordinary people will read that a product contains “natural” flavourings and assume all is good. However, just because something says its natural does not mean it is 100%.

Like reading statistics online, you always need to do greater research to uncover truth.

Labelling can be loosely labelled and followed. Take the case of business insider where natural flavourings mean it was taken from natural sources. However, by the time it is used in food sometimes there is little difference between the same artificial ingredient.

“so while natural flavors derive from a source found in nature, however processed it becomes by the time it finds itself in your food, artificial flavors are entirely man-made.”

In the case of Isagenix and other shakes remember to keep this thought in the back of your head as you make a purchase. Considering the already negative things about Isagenix, labelling something as natural I would always take with a pinch of salt.



Lets summarise this Isagenix vs Shakeology comparison. The list below contains all the reasons why I am never going to purchase a Isagenix product.

Why you should not buy Isagenix

  • Pyramid scheme
  • High in sugar
  • Whey protein not the best
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Lack of credibility from false claims
  • Pasteurised milk sources
  • Low fiber
  • Un-necessarily high price for a small tub! – getting ripped off.
  • Synthetic vitamins
  • Expenssive but little quality
  • Only good for two weeks


Are there any positives to Isagenix???


If I have not battered Isagenix enough, It is difficult to find any positives about Isagenix. There are just too many pitfalls of this product.

Looking at some reviews online there are a few positive reviews on the taste. My bet is that this is down to the high sugar content.

However, the positive reviews on taste are also cluttered among those that say the taste is chalky.

In my mind it is entirely personal preference. I’m sure the fact this product is high in sugar certainly gives the shake abit more flavour. This does come at the sacrifice to your health.

These are most positive things I could find on Isagenix….which really doesn’t say much about the product.


Shakeology Comparison




 In this Shakeology vs Isagenix debate, Shakeology just edges it. However, it certainly is not something I would be rushing online or to the supermarket to buy any time soon.

Shakeology was created by the beachbody team. Beach body team are a company that create and promote their own fitness programs and shakeology.

What I did not like about shakeology is that like Isagenix, multi level marketing (MLM) is used as a core business model to promote their products.

Shakeology allows anybody to become a beach body coach. You don’t even have to trained, certified, or knowledgble in anything health related. As long as you know how to sell the shakeology your good to go.

This means anyone could be selling shakeology.

Consequently, a good amount of positive reviews online come from beachbody coaches promoting shakeology offers that are not actual regular customers.

These reviews are fake with affiliates trying to make their commission.


Shakeology is so Expensive!

 Shakeology is too dam expensive. Period. No shake should be on the market for $130.

I would say your getting ripped off if you were to purchase shakeology and put more money into the hands of the network marketers pushing the product.


Why so high in sugar

Shakeology like Isagenix also has a high level of sugar for a meal replacement shake.

The sugar content is higher than I would recommend at 7g.

Don’t forget cherry popsicles contain 8 grams of sugar so having just one serving of shakeology is almost as much as an artificial sugar popsicle. That quite a lot for something that should be acting as a nutritious meal replacement.

However, unlike Isagenix the high sugar content comes from a source that is a healthier form of sugar. The sugar content is made up of stevia and organic cane sugar.

Organic cane sugar is the unhealthier option of the two but it is hard to workout how much of the 7 grams is made from stevia or sugar cane.

Either way stevia and cane sugar are decent alternatives to fructose which Isagenix contains. As much as the sugar content is unnecessarily high it is less than Isagenix and from healthier sources.

For a more in depth review of shakeology check out my article on shakeology alternatives.


Why you should not buy shakeology

  •  Price is $130 for a 30 day (one shake a day) supply which is too expensive
  • Sugar content is on the higher end
  • Company operates under a MLM business model
  • Fake and biased Reviews from Beach body coaches


For the price I would be paying I definitely expect more from beachbody.

Hawking back to the time when I was in the gym and hearing two people in a Isagenix vs Shakeology comparison, if those two people really had to pick one, Shakeology would be the one to go for.

If it was down to me though…I would 100% NOT buy either of them and go for the best alternatives on the market today found below.

My Personal Alternatives

 Now you know the truth about Shakeology and Isagenix. I personally recommend taking some of my favourite alternatives.

Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen Meal replacement


Primal Kitchen is one of the tastiest meal replacement shakes out there. This is extremely remarkable given Primal kitchen contains less than 2 grams of natural sugar.

One of other main advantages over other shakes is this shake mixes really well with a smooth creamy texture. I would say this is down to the fact this shake contains whey protein instead of plant based protein.

You tend to find that shakes consisting of whey protein tend to taste better and mix easier then their plant based counterparts. However, whey protein does contain lactose and is can cause more digestion problems then plant based proteins.

Calories and Nutrients:

At 190 calories, this shake is enough to fill you up but also help with workout and weight loss goals. You don’t want to pick a meal replacement that leaves you starving which is why 190 calories is the perfect amount.

Primal kitchen also comes with pre-biotics which are crucial for digestion and healing/protecting your gut.

A unique ingredient in this product is the 8grams of coconut fat. This is a healthy fat that can help keep choloesterol down and aid a healthy heart.

Maybe a negative?: 

Unlike the other shakes included below, Primal kitchen does not contain super greens or veggies. You may want to add extra fruit or veggies during your other meals to make up for this.

 Vega one

Vega One


Lets take a look at the great ingredients in Vega-One:

 20g of protein that is plant based. From Pea protein, Hemp Protein and sacha inchi protein- all QUALITY sources.

I tend to take plant based protein sources. Don’t get me wrong whey is fine to take. However, if you do decide to take whey protein remember that whey protein can be heavily processed.

Being a processed form of protein it can lose its nutritional value. This doesn’t help that every time I take whey protein I do feel slightly bloated.

I hate to admit… the occasional moment of passing gas also can happen.

Whey protein is high in lactose which for some is hard to digest. Hence those pungeont smelling whey protein farts.

Enough on farts.

Vega one does not have a high calorie intake at 160 grams. So if your worried about packing on the pounds don’t be as the general calories per day is at 650-700 for a woman and 800 to 850 for a man.

If you ever feel like adding more calories or are very hungry after a intense workout you can add a list of my favourite carbs below:

  •  Oats
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Bananas
  • Blue-berries

 Combine with stevia if you want that extra sweetened taste.

Vega One has always been one my favourite protein shakes. Its one of the best tasting protein shakes on the market.

You do not have to worry about sugar either as Vega One is low in sugar. Sugar is always the one of the first ingredients I look at when deciding which shake to buy.

At 1g of sugar you do not have to worry. In addition the sugar is not made up of fructose that Isagenix contains. And its certainly better than the 7 g of sugar content Shakeology has.

Low in fat and cholesterol– Vega one has 0 mg of cholesterol which is a sign of a quality shake.

In terms of total fat there is 6g. Remember though that not all fat is bad and Vega one contains a majority of the good fat. Trans and saturated fat are potentially harmful fats. Vega one contains 0g trans fat and only 0.5 grams of saturated fat which is really low.

Another one of my favourite positives is the shake is made without dairy or soy ingredients. This is completely the opposite with Isagenix which contains soy and contains dairy ingredients.


 Garden of life Raw Organic Meal

Garden of Life Meal Replacement Shake


Garden of life is quality shake. Low in sugar, high in protein and packed with viatmins and nutrients.

In terms of quality Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal is one of the healthiest shakes on the market.

At 20grams per serving of protein this is the same as isagenix.

Its gluten free, dairy free and also suitable for vegans. The shake comes with everything you need and most importantly its RAW. Probiotics, Vitamins, Protein Fibres, enzymes and minerals.

I remember one time going and seeing the no GMO sighn on may of the organic produce. What I love about Garden of life is its Non GMO project verified protein. Many supplements you buy of my protein or in supermarkets have ingredients that are made in labs.

The fact that this product is Raw and Non GMO (Geneticaly modified Organism) certified really is credit to the great work this company have done in keeping this product healthy.

Its cheaper, Healthier, and better value for money. This shake is great if you wanna stay healthy and get lean.


Easily Digestible?

 Garden of life does not unsettle your stomach like other shakes do. I remember there was a time I bought whey protein shakes off of my protein.

After consuming I would always feel like gassy and bloated. This shake on the other hand goes down like a treat and does not cause anything unsettling.

General Overview of positives:

  • Digestible
  • Clean and healthy
  • More energised


Maybe A negative?

A few criticism of this shake has been the taste. However, its far from being a horrible tasting shake. Combine with some almond milk and water or add stevia and your good to go.


Amazing Meal

Amazing Meal


Another great product to buy is amazing meal…mmmmm amazing.

With all the shakes I choose I go for the healthiest as a top priority all the time. Amazing meal is up there as being one of the best meal replacements on the market.

I personally go for the chocolate fudge flavour…If mixed in with bananas and almond milk you can almost imagine yourself eating a delightful chocolate sundae.

If you really want the whole experience, adding some vanilla extract also adds that extra oomph.

The protein sources in this shake are all organic and plant based. Pea, qinua, Hemp, pumpkin seed and brown rice are the source.

At 140 g of calories you can be sure you not going to gain weight..but in fact shed it off quite quickly.

Love the fact that this shake is GMO free, organic compliant and perfectly suitable for vegans too.

The texture can feel a little grainy at times but thats normally because I haven’t blended or shaken the shake enough. The chocolate solids need a bit more work to break down.


 This is how I take my shakes 

I normally only replace one meal a day. If you do decide to replace two meals a day then I recommend you don’t make it a habit.

Remember if you lose weight you want to do it the healthy and sustainable way.

  • Drink plenty of water. Buy a 1 litre bottle from you local sports store and fill it up! Your body and brain are effectively water. Water is also an excellent detox to remove impurities and toxins from the body
  • To make your water extra acidic you squeeze lemon water which I like to do. Just remember to drink through a straw to protect your teeth.


I know this is not what you came here for but there are simply way better shakes online that are not as heavily promoted by paid sponsors. There are also alternatives that are healthier and cheaper.

My favourite meal replacement shakes have always been Vega One and Amazing meal. Not only have I found them to be cheaper but also much healthier in terms of their lower sugar content.

I hope this article helped you. You can now pick some great alternatives that certainly made my fitness journey all the more easier 🙂

Do you have a Question? Then don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I’ll try my best to reply.


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    I never really check the nutritional labels but this has opened up my eyes for sure.

  2. Great article. I’m looking into the Amazing shake more. FYI, adding lemon, an acid, will make the shake more acidic not alkaline. Makes the article more credible if you use correct terminology.

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