Metabolic Renewal Hormone Type Quiz – What You Need To Know

Saturday 16th March 2024

There are 7 metabolic types that you can have.

The metabolic renewal quiz looks at two main hormones. Estrogen and Progesterone. Both are very important female hormones.

Estrogen is a female sex hormone.

Estrogen helps control the menstrual cycle and plays other important roles in the reproductive system.

Progesterone is also another woman’s sex hormone that aids pregnancy while also having an important role to play in the menstrual cycle.

Your hormone type according to Jade Teta, depends on the levels of progesterone and estrogen in your body.

See Your Hormone Type

Hormone Type 1 – Mixed-Signal Metabolism 

What Is Mixed Signal?

Estrogen and Progesterone are very important female hormones.

Mixed-signal is exactly as it reads. Progesterone and estrogen levels vary between one and the other.

Sometimes progesterone is higher. And other times estrogen is higher.

Dr. Jade Teta uses the metaphor of a seesaw. On one side of the sea saw is estrogen and on the other is progesterone. Both work in harmony.

For the first 2 weeks, estrogen is dominant.

After 14 days of estrogen, progesterone kicks in.

When progesterone kicks in for the second 14 days your cravings go up and stress sensitivity increases.

Essentially, progesterone and estrogen are fluctuating. The more drastic these fluctuations the more serious the symptoms:

Symptoms include:

  • Bloating
  • Breakouts
  • Cramps

Hormone Type 2 – Hormone Overload

Hormone overload is where your body has too much estrogen.

To use the metaphor of a seesaw with two girls sitting either side.

Estrogen is the heavy one.

Estrogen is sitting on one side, causing the other girl (progesterone) to dangle her feet in the air, high off the ground.

A couple of the effects of estrogen overload Teta mentions are below:

  • Foggy thinking
  • Feeling sad
  • Low energy
  • Potential digestion problems.

Once again Teta recommends that his program can help balance your hormone cycle.

Hormone Type 3 – Hormone Shortfall

With this hormone type there is a shortfall in progesterone. Your body is slightly short in progesterone to operate at its optimal level.

Woman with progesterone shortfall may experience more of the following:

  • Irregular periods
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Cramps
  • Having more a “soda can” appearance over showing “hourglass” of natural curves without fat.

Hormone Type 4 – Ovarian Burnout

Ovarian burnout is when your hormones are in effect burnt out. They are fatigued and exhausted.

Using the metaphor of a seesaw. Teta gets you to picture two girls going up and down really fast for hours.

The two girls are no longer able to muster the strength to push each other off the ground.

With ovarian burnout, both progesterone and estrogen have been decreased due to exhaustion.

What may have caused this?

Either stress, diet, or over exercise, or sickness. Some impact of this is the following

  • Soft and saggy muscles that were once more toned
  • Additional fat around stomach
  • Sleeping problems and low energy/sadness

Hormone Type 5 – Metabolic Sputter

Metabolic sputter is also called “Perimenopause”.

It’s the stage where the fertility years start to come to an end. The time where less estrogen is being made by the ovaries.

The word used to describe this type of hormone is “unpredictable”.

Hormone levels-graph

Both estrogen and progesterone are constantly fluctuating. Essentially, progesterone levels decline which forces estrogen to work harder.

With this hormone type, your body can get confused.

The symptoms can include:

  • Cold sweats
  • Sleep issues
  • Hot flashes and cold sweats.

Some other challenges of this hormone can include increased anxiety levels, feeling tired during the day, periods that are random, and unexpected mood swings.

Hormone Type 6 – Ovarian Fatigue

If you have hormone type 6, your hormones have gone into overdrive and are now fatigued. Both progesterone and estrogen are tired due to many years of use.

With both hormones on the down, you may experience the below symptoms:

  • Higher levels of Belly fat
  • Fewer curves, taking on a more stocky build.
  • Increased fat and less muscle
  • Unable to sleep
  • Low/ saddened mood

Progesterone and estrogen are important for brain chemistry. They help prevent stress and also keep chemicals balanced.

With them depleted and fatigued your body is more likely to store food as fat. Likewise, progesterone and estrogen help alleviate stress. So with them down your body is more likely to react negatively to stress. The result would be holding on to more fat.

This is because too much of the stress hormone cortisol will start to break down muscle tissue.

Hormone Type 7 – Ovarian Shutdown

Essentially this is signs of when women have entered post-menopause. Postmenopause is defined when you have not had a period for a whole year.

Both progesterone and estrogen are deficient.

Some of the effects of ovarian shutdown include:

  • Wrinkle and sagging
  • Lower insulin -more fat-storing
  • More fat and decrease in the muscle on the body

Teta even mentions that going for too long without progesterone and estrogen can lead to more dangerous health conditions.

These include heart disease, dementia, and alzheimer’s.

What Are The Metabolic Renewal Quiz Questions?


In what age range are you?

What best describes your menstrual cycle?

What best describes your use of hormones?

What best describes your medical history?

What best describes your body shape?

What’s your most frustrating symptom during PMS (the few days prior to your period starting)?

What’s your most frustrating symptom during your actual period (when you’re menstruating)?

What’s the #1 barrier preventing you from exercising as much as you need to?

What’s the biggest reason why sticking to a healthy diet has been a challenge?

Besides losing weight and toning muscle, what’s the most important issue you want to solve?

How many inches do you want to lose from your waist or hips?

How quickly do you need to reach your goal?

Is this the first time you’ve discovered your hormone type and the specific foods, workouts and lifestyle changes that are best for you?

How To Take Metabolic Renewal Quiz?

Metabolic renewal quiz can be taken online by clicking the link below:

The quiz is free to take.

However, the program and custom plan offered by Jade Teta are not free, and you need to pay for.

How Long Does The Quiz Take?

The quiz should take no longer than 5 minutes. The questions asked are all listed above.

Can I Retake The Quiz?

Yes absolutely. Just click the link again to restart the quiz.

What Happens After The Quiz?

Once you take the quiz you will get given your hormonal type.

The hormonal types are listed from 1-7 which are all mentioned above.

From there you will understand what your hormone type means for you.

Dr jade explains your unique hormonal type in a video:

Video after metabolic quiz

There are a couple of things I enjoy about his free video.

Dr. Jade Teta gives 3 free meals to kick start you into action. For example, these meals include chicken marsala, chicken pesto salad,

and chocolate raspberry shake.

He also recommends some mistakes you could be making, that could be hindering your results.

For example,

  • Dieting to strictly to lose weight
  • Focusing on hardcore exercises
  • Having the wrong mindset


What If I didn’t Answer The Quiz Correctly?

If you feel you didn’t answer the questions as accurately, you can take the quiz again. So fear not.

Just click the quiz link again and start quiz.

The actual metabolic renewal program covers every hormone type. So I wouldn’t be too worried about answering all questions perfectly.

After receiving your hormone type, Dr. Jade Teta offers metabolic renewal as a solution to your problems.

The customizable options in metabolic renewal that relate to your hormone type are listed below:

  • Challenges and opportunities of hormone type.
  • 12 week metabolic meal plan which includes  Customization options for your hormonal type.
  • Hormonal type deeper dive: A deeper look at your hormonal type in the metabolic renewal roadmap


Hormone Type Diet plans?

I see lots of questions surrounding if there are any diet plans for hormonal types? For example, hormonal diet typ7 pdf or if there is a diet plan in pdf format for hormonal type 5.

Having done my research I could not find any online that are free. probably for good reason.

The best bet is to check out  the metabolic renewal program to get the plan.

The parts of the plan that are directly related to your unique hormonal type are listed above.

You can see what I think of the metabolic renewal program here.

Alternatively, you can take the quiz first here:

Metabolic Renewal Quiz Review 

Is the quiz legit? What’s the science saying female hormones like estrogen and progesterone play a part in weight loss?

If you look at sources Dr. Jade Teta uses, they all help support the fact female hormones play an important part in weight loss.

I’m no doctor but I did do my own research.

There is some truth to what is being said. For example, low levels of progesterone may encourage weight gain.

Likewise, my own google search brought up other sources that support the importance of female hormones in weight level.

For example,  cortisol, progesterone, and estrogen all play a part.

The levels of cortisol can lead to chronic high-stress. This can actually increase appetite, reduce muscle, and increase abdominal fat.

All things which Dr. Jade Teta references.

In addition, there are other sources he uses to show the science backing the solutions he offers after completing the quiz.

For example, using Nonexercise activity thermogenesis to lose weight.  Likewise doing aerobic exercise, and HIIT for weight loss, he references credible sources.

Sources scientific proof

Here is a quick break down of the pros and cons of the quiz.


  • Good questions
  • Short quiz – About 3-5 minutes.
  • Unique information on your hormone type after taking quiz
  • After taking quiz, Teta details 3 mistakes you could be making that are sabotaging your success


  • Would be nice to get a free diet plan after the quiz. But hey, you have to pay and nothing in this world is free.

My Hormonal Results

I got hormone type 5. That means I have a metabolic sputter.

My years of being fertile are starting to decline. Probably a good thing. Any more kids would be too much to handle!

I won’t bore you with all the details. Best to find out yourself.

You can take the metabolic quiz here:

Take Quiz Here

Metabolic renewal program can be found below:

See Full Program

They normally run a discount with a couple of bonuses for the program.

Check out my in-depth review of metabolic renewal, if you are on the fences.

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